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Interview: Matty J "Moose" from Psychostick

Tuesday, October 17, 2017




A long while ago, Psychostick came to Cincinnati, Ohio.  They played the front end of a not-quite-small, not-quite-large venue called Bogart's.  The area was small enough that running into the band was inevitable.  I did not know, however, that Psychostick worked their own merch booth anyway.  I was able to coerce Matty J "Moose," their bassist, to answer some questions through Facebook over the next few weeks.  Here are those questions: 



Brad Dare: Where did the name "Psychostick" come from?


Matty Moose: It started in 2000, knee-deep in the NuMetal days and was originally pronounced "sy-KOSS-tick," but nobody could pronounce it, incorrectly saying PSYCHO-stick. So, we started saying it too as a joke and it... wait for it... STUCK!


BD: How do you guys like your music to be referred to/labeled?


MM: We say COMEDY metal because the comedy comes first to us.  Call us whatever you want... Just give it a listen.  Labels and categories are cool to get a general idea.  It kinda sucks getting pigeon-holed as a "joke band" or a "novelty" because the humor aspect makes people think we're not "real musicians" like we dont give a shit or something.  This band is our job and main source of income.  We take being dumb and musical VERY seriously.


BD: How do you keep the humor going?


MM: It's all about attitude.  Life is 10% what you get dealt and 90% how you play it.  The world is a really funny place if you let be [sic].  Everyone likes to smile and laugh, even metalheads.   If someone in the band has an idea and it makes us all laugh, then its a keeper and we develop the concept.  If nobody laughs, it wasn't that funny, and it gets scrapped.  Keep a light heart and don't sweat the small, silly shit.  Life is too short not to laugh at yourself and the world. 


BD: Do you guys get annoyed with each other because of the humor while on tour or trying to get stuff done?


MM: From humor? Not at all.  We get annoyed with each other when we're hungry, then we stop to eat, fill our bellies, hug it out, and feel better. 




BD: Favorite song to play live?


MM: That's like asking which kid is your favorite... I'm not gonna name just one but our favorite songs to play are usually either the one's that involve crowd participation (because a GOOD concert should be a cyclical exchange of energy from the band to the crowd then from the crowd back to the band and so on) or the songs that are inspired and fueled by real life experiences like working a minimum wage fast food job (which all 4 of us have done in the past), the woes of your car breaking down, or that bitch of an ex we've all had.  Playing the rage away is a great feeling.  Each of those performances are a therapy session! 


BD: How was Europe?  What was the best and/or worst part of touring Europe?


MM: Best part of the UK was EVERYTHING!  Great people, funny accents, shorter drives, bigger more enthusiastic crowds, great food / beer / whiskey, and the cultural perspective gained by us bunch of animals was priceless.  Everyone should get out of their home town, state, and country to see how the rest of the human race operates.  Really makes ya think...

Worst parts about the UK tour were the crazy long flights over nothing but ocean and how goddamn expensive it is to reant gear, ship merch, rent a bus, and gas (petrol) prices are INSANE compared to the US.  Now I hear someone in America complain about gas prices, and I just grin and bare it because those Brits have it WAY worse!


BD: Where are you touring next?


MM: North American run in Nov/Dec 2017 with Arsonists Get All The Girls, Kissing Candace, and Raven Black!  It's called the "Veloci-Turkey-Saurus Rex TOUR!"

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BD: Bruce Campbell and you guys... you guys and Bruce Campbell.  How does that romance work?


MM: HAHA OH MAN!  He totally heard the song and says he likes it!  So many (awesome and thoughtful) people have shown Mr. Campbell our ode to him that I think he might be getting sick of hearing our name, so that's kinda neat.  That's the price he pays for being so goddamn awesome!  (We love you Bruce! ...Oh he knows)




BD: For a long while you guys were labeled the "Beer" band for the song of the same name, are you guys over that or do you still enjoy the song and the requests for it?


MM: Little from column A, little from column B.  It sucks that people think we're a one hit wonder but it's still cool that people even KNOW us!  We play BEER every fucking show.  EVERY SINGLE ONE!  It's gotten a little stale and repetitive for us when we obviously want to play new shit that we're excited about, but we've been finding ways to spice up the old "classic" to keep it fresh and interesting for us and hopefully the fans. 


BD: Have you guys been working on a new album? If so, any time frames for it coming out?


MM: Oh shit, yes we have!  We're tackling this project a little bit at a time, writing and recording a few songs at a time instead of feeling the stress to do EVERYTHING all at once and it seems to be working.  We have a pretty solid amount of material that we're refining and polishing, so that operational stress has been pretty well mitigated.   Shooting to release it SPRING 2018!  Definitely some of the funniest, dumbest, and heaviest music we've made yet!


BD: You can leave the people reading this 1 last line, what is it?


MM: This one!


Psychostick is currently on The Veloci-turkey-saurus-rex Tour with Arsonists Get All The Girls, Kissing Candice, and Raven Black.




Psychostick Website



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