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Alternative Punk: Gutterlife

Monday, October 16, 2017



Ever hear a song you wouldn't normally listen to but there's just elements your taste can't deny? That's GutterLife for me. However they have plenty of songs for my genuine taste in music. I originally Heard Their song "Like Cattle" The day they dropped a music video for it. Intrigued by the name, I clicked play and have not looked back. It reminded me of Skater rock but the vocals had a really strong 90's punk vibe to them. It was a little "Soft" for my taste but I was hooked. heard their more punkier songs and just knew I found my new favorite band. I downloaded the Album and was just memorized by every element of it. "Violent Dischord" was an anti-government/conspiracy driven masterpiece. Regardless how you feel about the topics Mathew makes you listen to him, makes you open your mind. "waking you up" before it was cool to be "woke" or whatever you kids call it these days. 


Reaching out, lead to befriending some of coolest dudes I've met in my Journey as a writer. They soon later Released "Don't Sleep" which was a complete compliment to their first album. Same drive, just angrier, more pissed off and ready to fight. They have this way of using so many styles of music per song, keeping the entire album diverse beyond belief, yet  somehow ending up with amazing flow. This album demonstrates it the most ... Each track is a different genre! 

2 long years later they have been through the ups and downs as a touring band and dealing with personal struggles of life. They went into the studio and took their time for this next release. The album will be called Radio Silence and from someone lucky enough to hear it in it's entirety, They are on some next level shit. They put every ounce of them into this. The musicianship will blow everyone away. The old fans will not be disappointed , put my name on it!
They have released 3 videos in the last 3 months giving their fans everything they wanted after a longly anticipated release! Which is due out in April 2018 on CI Records So in honor of them, here is every music video + album favorites in hopes to makes you a fan as much as i am!


GutterLIFE - Violent Dischord - "Like Cattle" (2014)


GutterLIFE - Violent Dischord - "RFID" (2014)


GutterLIFE - Violent Dischord - "Sinking Fast" (2014)

GutterLIFE - Don't Sleep - "Complacent" (2015)


GutterLIFE - Don't Sleep - "Dropping Bombs" (2015)


GutterLIFE - Don't Sleep - "Sail Home" (2015) 


GutterLIFE - Radio Silence - "Strung Island" (2015) 


GutterLIFE - Radio Silence - "Awake" (2017) 


GutterLIFE - Radio Silence - "Road Sick" (2017) 


GutterLIFE - Radio Silence - "Haunted" (2017) 

 This Video is their latest release, and up there with most meaningful. Anyone dealing with depression, suicide or addiction can directly relate to this song in so many ways. This band is on the up and are amazing for such a lost society we've become. They do Annual homeless benefits, They donated the first month's proceeds to charity of their song "Strung Island". They have had some bad luck touring the open road, but are gearing up for some massive moves. Get ready to see their name everywhere! 

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If I have done my job and made you a fan of this amazing band, than you'll enjoy these.. 




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