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DIABOLUS: Feast EP Review

Thursday, October 5, 2017

This is the bands first offering and the production from ACO studio is flawless! I have been keeping my eye on these boys because they are very different from whats around the scene at the moment and that gets me interested. They have a very evil flair about them with brilliant songwriting and playing that an actual pro-touring band could learn from! The vocals are genius mixing every metal grunt you could think of! 


The first track "Chapter I - A Tortured Beginning" snipes in with black/death guitar, soon smashing into an off - kilter double bass tune,with tech guitars and slam breaks! If this was to be seen live you certainly wouldn't be standing about and the solo Kerry King would be happy with. Need I say more? "Chapter II - Servant Of The Devil" Is an all out ferocious pit song mixing hardcore beats with guttural death screams and a doomy horror edge! Pure brilliance. "Chapter III - Demonic Submission" Is a Cradle Of Filth-esque piece of music to break up the onslaught and ready you for "Chapter IV - Wrath of Apollyon", smashing in with blast beats and heavy guitar riffs! These boys really know how to get things going the guitar work wouldn't go a miss on the great southern trendkill,the ending is very dark and gothy! They arent afraid to mix things up and this is what makes them unique. "Chapter V - Cannibal of Siberia" This was the first tune and video I ever heard from the band it turned my head because it was demonic with a hardcore mid! I love it when a band who know what they are doing drops their music, and I am very eager to see how they do and where this takes them and the sort of fans follow the band!


BOTTOM LINE - Diabolus are very different and refreshing to listen to! I think they have a great future ahead of them!they could play a massive part in the market they are going for! They know how to mix things up in their own way which makes them very original and standout from any other.

SOUND ATTACKS - "Chapter I - A Tortured Beginning"

RATING - 9/10




Bandcamp - Feast EP



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