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Cerebral Incubation: Bifurcation Of Primordial Slamateurs Review

Thursday, October 5, 2017



  Do you want a prime example of what a slam album should sound like? Look no further! Cerebral Incubation bring us their monstrous third album Bifurcation of Primordial Slamateurs.  Massive sounding guitars, numbingly-voracious drums, inhuman vocals, and of course the almighty slams. There are a lot of newer bands considered slam that essentially play deathcore with some slams here and there. Cerebral rips apart these slamateurs with their old school approach, while retaining the modern energy and punch.

  The music is nothing but twenty three minutes of absolute brutality. Some songs such as “Suppurated Vaginal Drain” power through at a slower speed while other songs like “Hemorhoidal Spewage” are more aggressive and mosh-friendly. The album flows very smoothly from start to finish as well. Either way, violence is guaranteed on every song.


  On top of the incredible production and mix; one thing that blew me away was the drumming. Brutal death metal drumming is always going to be crazy but Ricky makes the drums stand out on this album. On tracks like “Eruptive Rectocele” the drumming is extremely catchy and special. The gravity rolls I would say are just as ear piercing as those mean pig squeals. This album definitely follows the same direction established with their first two albums, but has a more modern feel to it. Obviously the crisp production helps but I feel as though some modern slam bands such as Abominable Putridity, Vulvodynia, and Ingested have crept into the influences.

   From to start to finish this album is grueling and punishing. It’s full of caveman slams, mosh-friendly riffs, and hilarious intros. The bass is also super clean and can be often separated away from the guitars, something I know bassists out there will appreciate! If you’re craving some disgusting, Devourment-worshiping slam, with superb production and a modern edge; Cerebral Incubation’s Bifurcation of Primordial Slamateurs is perfect for you!





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