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ALBUM REVIEW: Doubted - Reaper's Grasp Review

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Being a Metallic Hardcore addict I can't just let something fascinating slip away from my hands without explaining its potential and perfection. The reason why I love this particular genre is because of the fiery thick guitar riffs and unrelentingly heavy breakdowns. I love the fact that most of the newer underground bands opt this particular style to start their career. With an array of Metallic Hardcore releases this year such Integrity and All Out War albums plus new Converge album to be released soon,2017 has been a good year for Metallic Hardcore.  Amidst these developments I got introduced to Doubted, a Metallic Hardcore based out of who released their debut album Reaper's Grasp early on this year. Just over 15 minute mark with 6 tracks, this album is quite fascinating and heavy.


Opening track "Greedy Hands" is an eye opener. The starting riff is too good and the part that proceeds it is pure aggression. The mid breakdown on this song is original and undoubtedly heavy. I like the fact that there are still bands that use less stereotypical elements to produce the stereotypically  overdone genre, Metalcore. If the mid breakdown was heavy then the last breakdown might as well be called as Catastrophic. Overall a perfect track to open an Album. Breakdowns subside with "Frustration" having yet another brutal breakdown to headbang to. Once again Doubted utilize the ending seconds of the song by playing yet another heavy breakdown. After a nearly perfect start, the album gains perfection with the third track being my favourite which coincidentally is the title track, "Reaper's Grasp". Why do I like this song?! Well with just 2 minutes this song sum up their musical capability to utilize the scheduled 2 minutes to give something perfect and of course heavy. Chainsaw-like Guitar riffs and Thunderous drumming paired with a perfect deliverance, the song has zero flaws in it and worthy of being put on repeat until you get bored of it.  Finding Peace and Without a Fix are good tracks that provides a perfect foundation for the closer, Built on Hatred. The song itself stand for a well constructed 2 and a half minutes with occasional breakdowns and aggressive deliverance.


Reaper's Grasp is a Perfect Album that doesn't even have a single major imperfection. If you are a sucker for breakdowns I doubt you will find this album boring. Doubted might as well be the new face of Metallic Hardcore as the guys have a huge hidden potential which might be utilised in the sophomore effort. Overall a Perfect album from a Perfect Band for a Perfect Community. Built on Hatred, Take it Sleazy.


RATING - 10/10





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