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Outlier are two for two with their second single "Undesirable"

Saturday, September 23, 2017


San Jose's Outlier is gearing up to release their debut LP Through a Set of Rose Shaded Eyes through Redscare Media, and their second single showcases the potential for this album to raise the bar for blackened screamo into the ionosphere.


Traversing post-hardcore akin to Sweden's Refused and modern black metal a la San Fransisco's Deafheaven, Outlier's sound embraces new trends and tips a hat to old-school sensibilities with impassioned fury. "Undesirable" allows the bands dynamism to shines in ways not heard before, dropping from overwhelming walls of sound to a single clean guitar in an instant.


Griffin Slinker reveals more of his vocal range as he blends spine-tingling shrieks with feral snarls, while guitarist Adrian Fonda's use of harrowing modulations and heartbreaking leads create the perfect balance between frigid austerity and immersive power. All the while, bassist Josh Smith and Drummer Aaron Horwitz hold the song together through these musical shifts with tight arrangements.


Anyone needing further proof that Outlier are set to put West Coast blackened screamo on the map should give "Undesirable" a listen or twelve. Through A Set of Rose Shaded Eyes will release on Oct. 20, and can be pre-ordered on various formats here. They're also touring WA, CA and OR in October, and it goes without saying that their performance is a sight to behold. It's looking like an eventful couple of months for Outlier — good news for fans of forward-thinking music.



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