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WWU Exclusive: Mended Release "I Tried (But Now I'm Giving Up) Music Video

Friday, September 22, 2017


Not long after the release of their most recent EP, " Loathe", Wisconsin hardcore act Mended have released a new video today for "I tried (But Now I'm Giving Up), a blistering track with a bit of darker subject matter within the lyrics. This video, which was all done by the band themselves, features the two current members of the band (at the time of filming), performing in a small room with lyrics scattered throughout the walls of the room.  


Taking some time to catch up with the members available, I did have a chance to speak with Steven Harrison, the vocalist/guitarist, as well as their former drummer Caleb Muir, who was able to provide a bit more detail regarding the song and its meaning. "It's written from a fictional stand point of a child dealing with depression, who's trying to get help from his or her parents and just wants to feel loved and supported but isn't being taken seriously, the parents just kind of ignore the child's depression and treat him or her as more of a problem than anything else, and the child ultimately grows tired of feeling this way and gives up and commits suicide." 


As of now, Caleb Muir is no longer in the band Mended for the foreseeable future, but the band continues on as a 3-piece with two new members, Jake Gerard and Zach Michaels. Muir still continues to help the band in other aspects, as he is responsible for this music video. Additionally, this band is also shooting videos, photos, and graphic design work under the name Positive Rebellion Media, and they are currently looking for bands/individuals to work with, so if youre looking for a good photo or video shoot, show flyers, or any other graphic design work, hit up their Facebook page here!


You can check out their new music video for "I Tried (But Now I'm Giving Up) below, "Loathe" is available digitally now, as well as on cassette through Delayed Gratification Records here, and you can also catch these guys at Wisconsin Hardcore Fest II in La Crosse, WI tomorrow Saturday September 23rd!




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