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HAMAMZER - Abaddon Review

Saturday, September 16, 2017


This 13 minute EP is a pissed off piece off violent music that has everything in it from deathcore to mathcore from slam to beatdown and everything in between!

"Abaddon" opens with a spoken word about the state of the current situation of the world and that sets the tone for this pure heavy brilliance!With lines like "Oh Lucifer liberate them of this fixation to self destructive deficit"- That is absolutely savage!I can only explain the vocals like a mad mental death metal Mike Patton! With songs like "Eradicate The Monetary Cult(ure)" you can tell this is a well thought about piece of music! The playing and production on this is album quality! There are beatdowns, blastbeats,hardcore guitars and songwriting that will blow your mind! The last breakdown of the EP sounds like the world came to a halt and stopped spinning on its axis! This is a must hear! Surely it is one hell of an end to this EP!





BOTTOM LINE- not everybody is going to like this style and its niche but if you know about your metal and all different types you will appreciate this! This is for the real metal world that has no bias and can appreciate what it takes to make something like this! Hamamzer is created by one man i came to learn! (Except for the drumming).
All the way from Tel Aviv in Israel! Hopefully we will get to see this project gigged because it would be such a shame not to see it live!
STANDOUT TRACKS - Eradicate The Monetary Cult(ure)

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