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WWU Exclusive: GutterLIFE "Roadsick" Video Release

Friday, September 15, 2017

WWU Exclusive: Gutterlife Releases video for their song "Roadsick"!


Recently the Long Island based melodic punk band has announced their signing to CI Records and are doing big things. Last month the band released the first single off of their highly anticipated album titled "Radio Silence" which is to be released in 2018.  The band has been in constant motion writing, recording, and heading out on tours.  Fans of punk and hardcore will fall in love with the bands sound.  The last album release from the band was back in 2015 when they released "Don't Sleep". From start to finish “Roadsick” embodies the raw passion and dedication this group puts into their music. Written while living in an RV off the coast of California, “Roadsick” is a an ode to life in constant motion, something that any touring band can relate to ( “Now that we’re back in our homes we just miss the road”) . Full of cinematic guitar riffs, heartfelt lyrics and well executed punk vocals, “Roadsick" is sure to catch the eyes and ears of anyone in search of a fresh new sound. The video- an energetic performance piece set against a scenic backdrop in Long Island, gives you a taste of just how equally incredible the 5 piece is on and off stage. Entertaining and aesthetically striking, the visual for “Roadsick” is spot on. Since the filming of “Roadsick” GutterLIFE has welcomed two new members Adam Lutz (Guitar) and Jesus Arancibia(Drums)


Here is statement from singer Matthew VanRossem about how the song Roadsick came to be and the meaning behind the song:


"Roadsick was a song written while GutterLIFE was living on the beaches of Southern California. I remember hanging in our RV when Andrew started playing this harmonic riff that reminded me of an old song of ours called Revolution Radio- but more on the emo spectrum so I grabbed a guitar and started strumming a chorus I felt would fit that was sort of in the same vein of another song on our previous EP (Dropping Bombs). At this point, we basically had this hybrid of two old songs combined with this new very melodic riff Andrew had written in Colorado- all different pieces of what would become the bridge and bones of Roadsick. I remember that night being a long one. Cold too. Especially for California in the summer.I could've been dehydrated or the blood wasn't flowing or maybe my body sent all the blood to my brain to give me the juices needed to write this song. Who knows? We were hungry and tired in a beautiful place called Redondo Beach, parked only a few blocks away from where Jack Asses "Wee Man" owned a taco bar. Depsite that feeling of cold, taco deprived starvation I knew in that moment that I was happy as hell and never ever wanted to go home. Andrew started playing that harmonic riff again, and we just started singing (or thinking) out loud. "Started out making something from nothing" Jay said. "Four kids on a mission for one thing" Matt Kelly continued. Then the words hit me that defined the whole tour experience for all of us."Another place. Another town. How long until our van breaks down. Three thousand miles is not enough... There is no love like wanderlust."I wasn't missing my warehouse squat back on Long Island. I wanted more of this feeling right here. This adventure of not knowing whats going to happen. I liked being hungry and cold and on the road surviving with my friends for the sake of this dream. In that moment I wanted to hop in the driver seat of that RV and drive as far as I could and play every single town on the way. I was feeling Roadsick. Because the road to me was freedom. And that freedom was home.



That freedom. That's what Roadsick is about."


GutterLife shows no signs of slowing down and we have only the best wishes for these guys.  Hard work, dedication and their love for music is what is driving these guys to bigger and better things. Below you can find links to GutterLIFE's social media as well as their video for "Roadsick" and "Awake".  Both videos filmed and directed by the one and only Tom Flynn.






"Roadsick" Released September 15th 2017






"Awake" Released on August 25th, 2017






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