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Lionheart's new song is a love letter to their fans

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Three days after announcing the Nov. 10 release of Welcome to the West Coast II, Oakland's Lionheart have now released the album's first single with an electrifying video.



"Trial By Fire" is as joyful as hardcore can get. It's a heartfelt anthem of appreciation for those who have stuck with them through a 12-year initial run, stuck with them when they broke up and now welcome them back now. Catchy, fire-starting lyrics, pit-starting riffs and a couple tasty breakdowns make for an enjoyable, albeit familiar experience.


Amid riotous concert footage, goofy tour antics and fan meetups, the band's passion for who they are and what they do remains evident throughout the video's runtime. Regardless of what trials and tribulations befall a band during their career, those who can roll with the punches and stick to their guns will always stand the test of time. Even after calling it quits for a short while, this song and its visual accompaniment proves that Lionheart will have no trouble restarting the power in their stage presence, their music and their love for the hardcore community.


Lionheart will also be ending the year out strong after the release of their comeback album with a two-week European tour with UK beatdown mainstays Nasty.




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