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Infant Annihilator got booted from Spotify... What now?

Friday, September 15, 2017

**UPDATE: according to the band's Facebook page, their albums are back on Spotify. <deep breaths>**

Having trouble finding Infant Annihilator tunes on Spotify? That's because they're not there anymore. Whether because of complaints made by users or because their admittedly over-the-top lyrical imagery was deemed too offensive for the platforms, the hyper-technical UK death metal band's two full lengths have been removed from this streaming platform. Don't worry though, you can still support them on Bandcamp.


While Spotify are certainly within their rights to remove artists within these perimeters, the irony of IA getting the ax should not be overlooked. While they could certainly be taken as offensive to by uninitiated listeners, the dudes obviously see everything about their music as ludicrous. Seriously, watch one of their music videos. They seem more hell-bent on becoming living memes than making any serious statements with their music. Part of the appeal of IA is laughing with them as they push every aspect of their output to the most ridiculous extremes they can think of.


Meanwhile, bands like Anal Cunt, Torsofuck (both of whom reached infamy way before IA existed) or Cannibal Corpse (who have major influence and feature equally offensive lyrical content) are still available for streaming. From the band's statement bellow, one can infer that the decision was made internally and that the artists had no say in the matter. In short, bigger bands with labels have more ground to stand on when detractors come after them. An unsigned, independent band like IA using a digital music distribution service to deal with streaming is much more vulnerable to strikes against them, as demonstrated by their recent deletion from a major music platform.


It's hard to say what the exact reason for their deletion is, even within the parameters of receiving complaints and general offensiveness. Clarity is required for the ramifications of this decision can be taken into account. It's obviously lacks the context of the decision Spotify previously made to delete all white-power music from their platform last month, and doesn't seem to follow any preexisting trends pertaining to ludicrously extreme metal acts.


Until further information emerges, independent bands operating in circles similar to that of Infant Annihilator might want to tread carefully with regard to their relationship to streaming platforms like Spotify.


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