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LOATHE: The Cold Sun (Review)

Monday, September 11, 2017



 This band have been causing a bit of a stir in the english underground metal scene!

They have been hyped up by english heavyweights hacktivist as being one of the best new bands about at the mo!

So i wanted to see what the boys had to offer!
It starts with a brilliant intro they are very clever with samples and electronic touches all throughout the album!

Tracks like: ITS YOURS mix massive singy choruses that make your hairs stand up on end, with vicious screaming and off kilter 6 string attacks, great opening tune!

DANCE ON MY SKIN- would smash a small venue to bits! its exactly what you want going on with its tech genius and deep gutteral screams, mixing with dark samples!

EAST OF EDEN- has a new school heavy punky start smashing into some amazing vocals, death metal gruntage that sounds like its come from the florida scene in the 90's and then smashes into a deftone esque style with down tune timeage to top it off!

LOATHE-comes in with a fast paced pit tune with serious heavy vocals into what can only be explained as white pony era! Using allsorts of voice tech, again, the timing changes are brilliant mixing with the samples! It sounds epic!

3990- the sounds remind me of tragedy into what sounds like waking up in the clouds!

STIGMATA-starts with a nice gothy feel into a hell of a riff! Vocals and drummage in co-ordination, some brilliant different styles can be heard in this tune! Really well thought out and very cleverly put together with a fat heavy ending!

P.U.R.P.L.E.- again this tune is tech genius in the way it dips in and out of all the different aspects of the game! No wonder this band are causing a stir comes with breakdown, plus haunting riffs, blast beats and sound playing!

THE OMISSION- this is trant reznor walking through an industrial german club at 3am in the morning
NOTHING MORE-is a haunting piano composition that sounds like fields blowing in the wind.
NEVER MORE-short insane madness

BABYLON- sounds like something calling you into somewhere at the start! Brilliant technical and haunting clean vocals, screamy build up into an epic heavy gothy tune with everyone in sync,some amazing background samplage with the vocals screaming its message! A smashing ending and turns back into a ghost!

BOTTOM LINE-these boys are vicious but have a story to tell in this album! They leave you wanting to hear more! The playing is technically sound and they mix so much into their songs and do it bleddy well it makes them interesting!the performance is brilliant and they are in total control of how you hear their music! LOATHE is an outlet to release negativity through productivity instead of destruction
STANDOUT TRACKS: dance on my skin,its yours,stigmata!


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