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Traitors' "Lashing Out" gets straight to the point

Saturday, September 9, 2017



Having announced their return to the scene, everyone's favorite nu-school downtempo Floridians are back at it with a pit-starting banger of a single.


The overt nu metal influence Traitors wore on their sleeve on 2016's Mental State is still clear on "Lashing Out," with a central riff reminiscent of old-school Slipknot to boot.


Gut-churning heaviness notwithstanding, Traitors actually use a lot of restraint on this track. Tyler's signature bellows don't fully appear until three quarters through the track, allowing his considerable chops to take center stage instead of his ridiculous range. The song still uses the no-frills agression and percussive violence this five-piece has built their name on, but their use of eerie feedback and sticky grooves keep them in a league of their own.


Traitors have a tour set to start at the end of October, which hopefully means "Lashing Out" will make its live debut soon.



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