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Featured Artist: Countermeasures

Friday, September 1, 2017


Featured Artist: Countermeasures



4-piece metalcore out of Virginia Beach, VA.


Metalcore has always lent itself to aggression, and Countermeasures goes full bore with it.  Even with the quieter/ambient aspects and clean vocals throughout their current EP, A Moment of Self-Reflection, the aggression is waiting to tear through.  That’s all standard in modern metalcore.  Pit warriors all over will rejoice that Countermeasures does it well... and different. 


The biggest difference being their sound, which hearkens back to mid-2000’s post-hardcore/metalcore bands like Calico System and Endwell.  Countermeasures bleeds old-school at their foundation, with a driving feel from beginning to end.  If old-school had better production, a tighter sound, and some added polish, this would be it.


There is a dissonance that pours positivity within the music through the lyrics.  Hell, on the band’s Facebook story they say:


“We strive to use our music as a means to help people through the many battles this life brings. Taking a 'heart-on-our-sleeve" approach to both music and ministry, we aim to be transparent about the struggles we have been through, breeding authenticity through vulnerability. Regardless of who you are or what you've done, we believe that you deserve to be loved passionately and unconditionally.”


Falling in line with the current resurgence of positive messages in music, Countermeasures helps fill a hole that bands like Beartooth have begun addressing. They have created a community through their lyrics and their actions outside of the music.  It’s rare in most scenes to see bands blatantly promoting other locals through their social media interests, in this case Until the Wind Shifts, RVNT, RUIN, Of Tyrants, etc...


If you are looking for an old-school feel with a new-school production, a band that creates and embraces community around them, and an energetic live show, Countermeasures is your band.




Band Members:

Sean Martin - Vocals
Caleb Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Jake Norton - Drums
Napoleon Brown – Bass






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