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FURYBORN - Dawn of The Leviathan

Friday, September 1, 2017



These boys are out of the south-coast metal scene in england!
They have been together for a solid amount of years and their live shows are brilliant having seen them play in early 2017! I couldn't wait for their album to drop and write about it as the technicality of the band was jaw-droppingly good and they stood out from most bands in the scene.
The album starts with what sounds like the earth being attacked in an almost alien-like fashion! And then it smashes into ...

DAWN OF THE LEVIATHAN: With ferocious guitars and drumming that is fast, technical and can only be compared to the top metal bands around today! The vocals are everything from death-metal grunts to hardcore screams and the choruses are so catchy with the singing style reminding me of howard jones and sometimes iron maiden-esque! Brilliant opening track!

 THE RECKON: Starts with samples and soon grunts into a tune which could have a whole festival jumping then turning into a circle pit again the vocals are a modern maiden for me!
And the metal guitars and samples swirling together like its meant to be! The solo dave mustaine would be proud of! The energy of the song doesn't drop once and it comes even harder with staccato double bass beatdown to finish!

EXULT IN EXT: Starts fast and thrashy with a tune that sounds like its come straight from hell! The guitar playing is so technical with finger tapping madness, juts deep guttural death screams are pure evil and also a high end that dani filth would be happy with! It has a slight gothy end with the singing into double madness to end the chaos!

 A FAULT IN OUR DESIGN: The start of this song is the start fear factory missed out on! This has a massive catchy chorus that will stick in your head all day long!
The guitars and drums stick together like superglue, the solo belongs to the bay area in the 80s thrash scene! Pure brilliance! The ending complete with a BLAH then a massive double bass breakdown that slammers would be happy with!

LIFE BEGINS: This song for me doesn't do it as much as the others! Still brilliance in the playing tho! It takes to the middle to get to a crowdsurfing state it has more of a rocky touch to the solo with a far more poppy chorus!


I AM HERESY: Sticks out with meshuggah style groove and blastbeats! Fast double bass absolutely pummeling its way through your head with the vocals ferociously coming from all angles again it goes into a darker feel about it! Then the shred down with guitars and the words i am heresy viciously screamed to the end of the song! Very catchy


DEEP RISING: This starts with a nice gothy feeling to it with brilliant clean vocals that make your hairs stand on end! It was sounding epic and i wanted it to carry on for so much longer than it did! This could of been a stick radio song but in a good way!


WRAITH: Starts off like it has came from the ride the lightening era of metallica it has some brilliant solo work into a fast tune that killswitch engage would be more than happy with! it has a great singy chorus,steccatto double bass breakdown into maybe the best solo on the album! It breaksdown with deathmetal gruntage into slayer-esque thrash with a touch of the haunted and then a nice howard jonesy style chorus end🤘


AS WE BURN: starts with samples of keys into a lovely chuggy double bass riff! Very catchy again and the playing is 2nd to none sounds almost theatrical in its riffage! Great song to end the album!

BOTTOM LINE- these boys have put so much into this debut album and they deserve to be where they are today! having being picked up by enso management i can see some brilliant things coming in the future! Their playing on this album is some of the best i have heard since the 80s thrash scene! You can tell they live to play and that attitude is what will keep them hungry and wanting more! Brilliant debut that could actually be a bands 3rd album in the fact that its got a concept feel to it! Brilliant work boys keep smashing the granny out of it!
STANDOUT TRACK: the reckon,dawn of the leviathan,exult in ext!

RATING: 8.5/10

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