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Serianna - Inheritors [2011] (Album Review)

Thursday, August 31, 2017



First I want to start by saying, If you really enjoy Killing With a Smile era Parkway Drive, or As I Lay Dying. You will be in love with this album


Inheritors is the first album released by metalcore band Serianna.

It didn't get a whole lot of attention, and to my knowledge, it still hasn't.



I honesty can't see why though.

It starts off with a brutal track called "Fragments" and it starts to draw you in to the album.

You can feel the 08/09 vibes through out the song, but you can also tell that it was a head of it's time.


The second track "Guilty Spark" is nothing short of the first track, and it transitions beautifully.


The next two tracks are fillers, but oh god, they don't sound like it. Each track is so unique, but flows gracefully from the previous track.




Track 5 is the title track, "Inheritors." It's undoubtedly the best track. It has gorgeous melodies, great cleans, and recognizable breakdowns.

Track 6 is the interlude for the album. It's lighter, there's no words, but if still feels so... right, for the album anyway.

The last couple tracks are mostly fillers, except the final track "Revelations." It is honestly one of the best closers for an album that I have ever heard.


BOTTOM LINE: This album was way ahead of it's time, and I'm honestly disappointed it didn't get more recognition. This album is very unique and leaves you feeling refreshed.


STAND OUT TRACK: Inheritors.

RATING: 9/10




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