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Inanimate Existence - Underneath A Melting Sky

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


On Inanimate Existence's 4th album "Underneath A Melting Sky" the Unique Leader record titans show what progressive and technical is all about.  I had never listened to Inanimate Existence before this but, I was always recommended to, so I gave it a shot.  I was not disappointed in the least with the melodies, ripping guitar solos, sudden bass licks and of course the composition.


Coming in at 36 minutes and some change I feel that for their style this was perfect, honestly sometimes you can't even tell the song has changed just because of how well everything flows.  This album was a little different from their previous album "Calling From A Dream" one of the things that stood out the most was that vocals from Adrianna Tentori were missing, they gave the music an almost Allan Holdsworth "Secrets" feel to it.  It seemed that the band cut down a lot on the lead guitar work and focused more on setting a mood and tone.


Forever to burn opens up the album and when I say open up the album I mean they open it like it's a present at Christmas. Blistering tremolo picking starts off the album showcasing not only speed but, tightness that Inanimate Existence have been perfecting, throughout the album Cameron Porras shows us not only his guitar skills but, what a wizard he is at composition with twists and turns all along the way with atmospheric sounds very reminiscent to Devin Townsend or Jari Maenpaa .  That's not to put his guitar skills to the side at all, the technicality alone is something to marvel at, with alternate picking that almost sound like bumble bees, multi finger tapping that hurts my fingers and brain just thinking about.  His note selection and phrasing for his guitar solos and riffs are so well thought out to evoke feeling rather than a "Look what I can do." mentality.  The bass licks that are employed through out the album make the listener hungry for more and at least i wish the bass would have been turned up just a bit more at certain parts. In "moonlight I am reborn" this exact thing happens they give you a little taste but, take it back as soon as they think you have had enough. The drums are usually super pocket and tight, every once and a while matching guitar at certain parts but, I believe the shining moment for the drums is the beginning of "Blood Of The Beggar" with odd timing on the bass drum going along with the guitar and sometimes not.  


The Bottom Line: The overall feel of the album makes you want to go on an adventure and then makes you want to go to war, with galloping rhythms and sometimes what seems like power metal driven riffs followed by bombastic blast beats. Inanimate Existence has easily become one of my favorite new discoveries this year and am so excited to see them alongside label mates Arkaik and Alterbeast. Unique Leaders have always been know to bring amazing tech and progressive death metal to the world, this is no exception at all.  Do yourself a favor and listen to this album.


Standout Track: Blood Of The Beggar


Rating: 8/10 because the album felt a little too polished but, still an amazing album












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