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Mercy Blow: A Violent Coup De Grâce To Your Head

Friday, August 18, 2017



  If you don’t know who Mercy Blow is then you’re about to get pinned up against the wall and beat overhead with a mace. Mercy Blow is Delaware's most devastating slam/beatdown band to offer, and Coup De Grâce is their monolith of a sophomore release. On this EP the death metal element is turned up just a notch giving the overall sound more of a punch. A disgusting tone mixed with evil production gives Coup De Grâce a punishing drive. Mercy Blow truly has crafted their own sound. Smashing the musical borders, they mix beatdown, slam, death metal, and deathcore all into one very brutal bowl. Taking the heaviest elements from each genre, Mercy Blow create a unique experience that thrives along with the daunting atmosphere and visuals. From the first second the listener is eviscerated into sheer chaos and by the time the music ends they are left to rot in malice. It matters not how peaceful you are, after one listen you will want to desecrate everything in sight.


Standing out from other beatdown bands, Mercy Blow utilizes guitar riff stylings from multiple genres and includes odd time signatures giving the music a unique and chaotic feeling. The vocals sound stellar on this EP, and lyrically are just as violent as the music itself. Crushing lows power alongside the music and drive anger into your veins.


Mercy Blow is a name I've been hearing a lot recently and it's for a damn good reason. Not only could this band play a hardcore show and stun everyone with their heaviness, but they could also decimate many death metal bands with their brutality. Everyone is constantly looking for the “next big thing” or wondering who is going to top who. Mercy Blow is pushing those boundaries and then spitting in your eyes afterwards. Do yourself a favor; don't waste any more time and listen to the annihilating Coup De Grâce, for it will shatter your bones to dust.


Rating: 8.5/10

Standout Track: Fodder 




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