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Culture Killer: A Ferocious Farewell To The Band That Could Have Been

Monday, July 31, 2017



Unfortunately it is time to say goodbye to one of the younger and more promising bands in metal/hardcore; Culture Killer. What started out of Florida as a few friends wanting to play music for fun, would go onto to be a violent machine. With their crushing self titled, Culture Killer smash your heads in one last time.

  The hardcore influence has been turned up on this one but it only adds to the already devastating sound. It’s intense musically and only allows short gasps of breath before bludgeoning you back down under its brutality. The instruments hit you like a freight train of power from the first second. Woven with punk riffs, disgusting vocals, and brutal slams, this EP is extremely fun to listen to. “Godthroat” showcases more of the beat down side that's sure to get fists flying at shows. After four super heavy and gruesome songs, Culture Killer close with “Inhale the Smoke”: a slamming ode to Pantera that will guarantee a grin and a sore neck.


  Every song is super beefy and really catchy. My only complaint is that there won't be any more music to follow. Culture Killer managed to successfully blend metal with hardcore while maintaining a unique and bone-shattering style. Their sound isn't deathcore, it isn't slam, and it isn't beat down either. They forged their own sound that was interesting enough to attract the attention of Metal Blade Records. In 2015 Culture Killer signed and released their debut album Throes of Mankind through Metal Blade Records. Don't forget debut records through Metal Blade include Unhallowed, Show No Mercy, and Eaten Back To Life, so clearly we the fans aren't the only ones who saw potential in Culture Killer.

    After 5 years of great music, stacked tours, and internal conflict, Culture Killer have decided to call it quits. Here in Massachusetts the hardcore and metal scenes are very divided. Metal and hardcore bands intermixing isn't too popular and the shows are typically filled with either metal heads or hardcore kids. When there are shows that feature bands of both genres, there's often fights and lots of tension. Recent bands that have broken through have broken down these genre dividing walls, such as Nails, Thy Art Is Murder, and Gatecreeper. Culture Killer I feel could have been one of those bands. Although Culture Killer will cease to exist by the end of this year, they left us with an amazing EP to remember them by. Thank you for all the great music and may we wish them the best!




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