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Know Your Elements: Go Fund Yourself!

Thursday, July 27, 2017



Starting a new band? oh , you don't have any money for the recording process? Your drummer needs cymbals? or maybe You went to a heavy show and got your teeth unwillingly removed? stick your fucking hand out like everyone else! Do people realize people that work their asses off are going to help pay for your studio time and maybe some taco bell and movie after band practice? It's 2017! WTF IS A DENTAL PLAN?  GoFund That shit! 

In all seriousness what the fuck people? I see more and more GOFUNDME's than ever before. "Starting a band", "new equipment", "I went to a violent show and something violent happened". Where is the self-respect? the dignity? Everyone's chasing the dream one loophole at a time. I followed this band that started out with a "Hey guys we are so close to finishing our album but our new drummer doesn't have a drumset can you help us raise the money for him and help out with the studio time?". I had my 2 cents on the post but added the band to see what came of it.. They posted 1 hype post since the GoFundMe a little over a year ago. If anyone was dumb (kind) enough to donate, assured it was a waste of money. Prolly went towards dabs or meth. 

Then there is the "Van exploded on Tour" Which I won't touch much cause I'm a hypocrite to this article by supporting my friends in bad times. Huge shout out to the bands that try and plan for these type of things, to the ones that google how to fix shit on the cheap, and the webstore pushers in desperate times! All-in-All if you have a loyal fan base, a GoFundMe in this particular situation is not and shouldn't be frowned upon. 

The wounded warriors, The I can hang until I'm unconscious crowd. We all enjoy the heavy music and ignore the fact that 8/10 songs are written for an energetic crowd. I am guilty of being a bit rowdy at shows, with that said I have this thing where I see through everyone's perspective when it comes to things I love. For instance If I am in a basement with a bunch of overweight people with a full beatdown line up... I'd be the first person to throw a trash can. If I am at.. Let say Stick To Your Guns I am going to sit back and enjoy the vibe and maybe a few old-man 2 steps. It's all about knowing your element. When I see a kid getting extra rough at a hardcore show, I embrace it, but when I see it at a metalcore or post hardcore show they just look like posers to me. "wanna be hardcore kids" ANYWAY.... from a non-supportive hardcore dancing perspective, It shouldn't have to be told to you. When a crowd has that much energy Negative or Positive, accidents happen. Shit gets out of hand. I watched a video of a Fight break out in the pit of F-U-C-K-I-N-G Paramore. It doesn't matter where you are, but I can assure you the meaner the music the meaner the crowd they attract. If there is a heavy band on a mix bill, go hang with the smokers or stay far away from the initial crowd attending for that band. If you choose to take these warnings lightly PLEASE for the sake of every kind heart's wallet make sure you have ACTIVE health insurance and dental care. If I go Mountain Biking on a rough trail with my friends and I fall down cause I wasn't cautious of my surrounds, I do not expect anyone else to repair my face/body. (prolly a really bad analogy but i'm sticking by it!") 

The Music Scene does amazing things that often get taken for granted. It is never a good thing when someone gets that injured enjoying what they love. These aren't TRUE WARNINGS, just be smart to be safe for the sake of yourself and the people around you. There's holes in the wall where angry people get their mood stabilized for the week just by hitting some of their friends and making a few new ones, one bruise/broken something at a time. Sounds like a lame time to people that don't get it. I get the whole "egotistical" outlook on it, but some of the world's nicest people I have ever met in my life started our friendship off by punching me in the face, Vice Versa. If you do hit someone hard, dont be an asshole about it. Shake their hand, apologize. In this day of age, it is important to show compassion after such actions (even if you been punching people in the dick for 20+ years)   If you take anything from this, from a fan standpoint, know your elements and surroundings. Take precautions in any unknown environment. OH and if you lose 4 teeth and get a skull fracture, don't raise 8 grand and go to a show a couple of days after said Skull Fracture. (just not a good look)   From a Band stand point: Get a fucking job, ya bum! No one should pay your dues. Wanna be in a band. cool. MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY. please just deliver a few pizza's to afford it. 

As far as that chick getting romped at a show, and how i feel about GofundMe's, There is a one huge positive to take from it all When the Scene knocks you down, They pick you right up. Deserved or not, she got the money to fix her teeth and medical bills. Which is always amazing to see, but lets not get out of hand with these causes. Nothing but love. 


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