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CLAWHAMMER Is Ready To Drop A Bomb On Everyone

Tuesday, July 25, 2017




CLAWHAMMER is the slammiest beatdown band from across the pond that I've ever heard. Just today, vocalist Chrissy Jones sent me the unmixed/unmastered copy of their new single "Soaked in Malice" off of their new release of the same name. The only thing I can say is this: ya'll are NOT ready for this. 


Right off the bat, the song kicks off with an intensely ominous and crushing riff that is sure to get anybody hyped up. From that point on, you are subjected to just over six minutes of pure anger. 


Every second of this track is mosh-worthy (one of the most important factors in my opinion) laden with nasty breakdowns, fight riffs pushed through with stomp beats and ride cymbal patterns, divebombs, and smartly placed pig squeels. Every heavy moment has a punch to it that makes everything so much more punishing.  I'm pretty sure I made the "breakdown face" on at least four different occasions listening to this track. 


If the title track off of "Soaked in Malice" is any indication as to what the rest of this release is going to sound like, I am fucking HYPED. Keep your eyes out for when this single drops. You won't be let down. 


Check out CLAWHAMMER: 



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