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STRIKE BACK: U.K.H.C Promos '17 (2-Track Review)

Friday, June 23, 2017



Strike Back, Strikes back! This 2 song Promo is pure madness. I have been a fan of this band for some time now, they never seize to amaze. If you haven't heard this band before, This new promo is them at their best! 

First Track, Consumed is super fast and in your face. The vocals are on point and i love the 2 steps. these tracks were built for a rowdy crowd and it's easy to feel that out. lyrical topic is about friends or loved ones you associate with,  that are holding you back and letting them go for the bettering of you. I can relate 100% to that. Super clean mix instant playlist worthy. 

Second track, Sucks.
Sike! This is a fucking BANGER and a half! "The Rules" featuring Tim L of Cold Hard Truth. 
This is the hardest track I'iv heard from these guys. R.I.P. UK Venues. Entire rowdiness from the beginning to end. Tim's Feature brings this shit to another level of heavy. I'm lucky to have both my favorite UK bands on one hell of a track together. 

Bottom line:
BUY THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW, You're a poser if you don't. 

10/10 as Promo Tracks they did their jobs. I am hungry as fuck for more and both being instant playlist jams it's easy to throw them a few bucks. They are up for NAME YOUR PRICE, as always throw them a few bucks or you aren't supporting shit!

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