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INTERVIEW: Big Lo (Florida Hip Hop)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Big Lo

So lets begin from the beginning. When I first started here at WWU, I wanted to bring everything I love about music with me. Not just the core roots. Old school Rap and Hip Hop and even R&B always had a home in my music preference. A couple years back I was on the look out for a fresh name, something different compared to the mainstream "copy-paste" formula. I needed Something rooted and actually had flow, to write about to the masses that were majority Metal/Hardcore heads. Someone tagged Big Lo in our Facebook Group, been nothing but love since. First track I heard was "Black Magic" I instantly shared and posted it everywhere. Man that shit was a banger.5, soon later I touched base with him and ended up featuring another banger of is "Eighty-Six Bpm" on our Summertime Stomp compilation as well as Black Magic as a Bonus Track. It's a pretty heavy Comp. needless to say, he stood out and our fan base took notice!

 Music Video: Black Magic

So why did you read all that?
- Cause my man has a new album dropping 7/11/17! 
- He just dropped a single and its fucking FIRE! 
- Last but not least, We had a few words with him! 

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WWU: Big Lo, Thank you so much for your time! 
So let's tell our readers a little bit about yourself, where did you get the name Big Lo? What does it mean?

BL:  Peace. First off, thanks for reaching out for the interview and always supporting! There's really nothing special about my name. I've been called "Lo" my entire life being it's short for my last name, Lopez. In the late 90s, early 00s we slapped the "Big" in front of it and boom, I have a rapper name.

WWU: Your last album had a bunch of bangers on it, I personally LOVE black magic , and Eighty-Six BPM. How did you come up with the concept of the album?
BL: I'm definitely pleased you enjoyed the last album. The Amazing Luxurious Adventures of Baron von Lowenstein Esquire III was loosely based on the Baron Munchausen film and Don Quixote. A lot of my music is based on film and literature and then intertwined with my personal life and what's going on in our contemporary society.


WWU: Who are your main influences growing up and through your music?
My biggest influence is probably my mother. I was lucky to be exposed to so many different artists from every genre from classic rock and jazz to swing and outlaw country. As far as Hip Hop goes I was properly introduced to the culture in the late 80s with Kool Moe Dee's "Knowledge is King" and then have gravitated towards the more East Coast sound ever since.

We originally asked you to be on our last compilation with a bunch of heavy, in-your-face hardcore bands, how did you feel about that?
Honestly, it makes me happy and honored. I'm the first to admit that I create art first and foremost for myself so when other people dig it I'm surprised, flattered and honored. Also, I'm not one of those close minded people who boxes themselves into one genre. Too much great music out there to do that...

 Do you listen to any heavy music at all? 

BL:I listen to more punk than metal and love our local bands here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I absolutely love Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs (punk/rockabilly), Sour (all girl punk), Dicks from Mars (super loud younger punk band) and Brave New World (more traditional metal).

Fucking sick! Back to rap.. Let's talk, new jams.. what's the new EP called? And What should we expect?
BL: The new EP is called Wunderland Apokalypse and is a surrealist/dadaist look at a sometimes shiny, sometimes dark post-apocalyptic society. I draw inspiration from anime, modern art and this giant cluster-fuck of everything going on now.

When's it droppin? (Single and album)
BL:  Well, we debuted "Carpaccio" featuring Recognize Ali on Beatminerz Radio and I just leaked the record, "The Lux". I have a video for Firecracker Popsicle in the works and the EP officially drops on 07.11. BRAND NEW TRACK


WWU: Are you signed or are releasing it independently?
BL:I'm completely independent but I must admit that I have a great team around me including management and merchandising to graphic artists and DJs.


Is there going to be a pre-Order?
If all goes well we'll have the iTunes preorder available on June 27th as well as a "Apokalypse Survival" Bundle via Bandcamp on the same day.


We can't thank you enough for your time, We like to give the artist the last word:

Thanks and love to Wolderwide Underground. My heart belongs to Symphony Maria and Shara. Nothing would be possible without Dani of Hrd Music and the illest, most patient DJ in the world, DJ A to the L. I hope y'all enjoy the new EP and share it with your folks! 


Please check out the homie Big Lo also catch one of the live gigs:



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