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Oceano - Revelation Review

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hey everyone! It has been a minute, but I'm back with a review of yet another highly anticipated Deathcore release of 2017. This time I'll be giving you guys a little bit of insight on none other than Oceano's upcoming release, Revelation. I was fortunate enough to grab the album on their current tour with Slaughter to Prevail, Aversions Crown, Spite, and No Zodiac (all of which put on an INCREDIBLE show, Spite being the stand out performance of the night). So without further adieu, (and without giving away too much), here is my review of Revelation.


I went into this album expecting the same pummeling sound that Oceano has captured in their albums time and time again, but what I got was that and then some. The style of this album is crushingly heavy and energetic, not as technical as the previous release, but pretty good in it's own right. And as always Adam Warren showcases incredible power and range in his technique, displaying some of his deepest gutturals to date.

For those of you who enjoyed the band's previous release Ascendants, you're in for a treat as the themes of the album allude back to it quite frequently. It's not a bad assumption to make that this album is a continuation of the story told in the last one. The corruption and greed of humanity play underlying roles in the themes, making this album about something much more than just "ooooh aliens!"

I highly recommend taking some time to listen to and read along with the lyrics of both Ascendants and Revelation to get the full story that I believe they're trying to tell.


Overall we can chalk this up to another win for Deathcore this year. It's nothing mind blowing, but it's vintage Oceano, and that is what we all wanted right?


Standout track: Majestic 12

The most melodic song on the album, it really stands out among the other tracks for it's unique feel



Constructive Criticism: While this album is longer than its predecessor, it lacks the patches of technical playing that Ascendants showcased in songs like "Transient Gateways" and "Dead Planet". Bring back the shreds!


Listen to the latest single from Oceano "Lucid Reality" 




Like the official Facebook and purchase Revelation today! 

Release Date: March 19th










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