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Shattered Realm: Very First Demo (2001)

Saturday, May 6, 2017



ShatteredRealm New Jersey - Metal/Hardcore
 Hands down one of my favorite bands I've ever had the pleasure to witness live. You literally put yourself in a possible fatal situation when you walked into a shattered realm show. Hoodies and camo shorts everywhere this band is the HEAVY in all modern hardcore bands. When you hear them slayer style bends you know you're getting punched in the face. To this day this band is constantly on my playlist and own the hardest 2 steps you'll ever wish you got to dance to. To hear this demo is literally listening to the birth of so many of your favorite bands. In this barely mixed not mastered demo you hear how it all came to light. Check it out I'll post the legendary album under the demo. If for what ever reason you never heard this band, listen to the second video first. If you truly are that New to heavy hardcore get ready to change your panties. 

2001 - Shattered Realm - Demo

 2002 - Shattered Realm - Broken Ties Spoken Lies

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