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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Down in Terror has recently been capturing the attention of the hardcore community. With the release of their newest four-track demo, “Bad Honor” they managed to create a following from their hometown in Puerto Rico to numerous areas across the United States.


“We all grew up on an island with limited resources, and music is just a way to escape for us.” Ricky explained. With Shakil and Boria on guitar, Carlos on bass, Ibra on drums, and Ricky on vocals, Down in Terror created a demo with a fresh and unique sound. They wanted to create a sound and style that hasn’t exactly been done before and man, have they fucking succeeded. In all reality, how often do you come across or hear about a touring Puerto Rican hardcore band?


“Sick” starts off the demo with an absolute bang. WIth its crisp drum beats and bold, head bob-inducing bass lines, chaos begins as the guitars are added flawlessly onto the track. “Lyrically, our first track off the demo, ‘SIck’, is the perfect portrayal of what it's like to be different than the status quo in Puerto Rico. The lyrics can apply to anyone, anywhere. We all struggle with our own obstacles.” The vocals are raw and brilliant, delivering each lyric with so much power and anger. “We tried to make the demo sound rough...almost like you’re listening to a tape from the 90’s.” MEAN breakdowns/beatdowns, bouncy two steps, punchy lyrics and vocals - what else could we ask for? As I listened to each song, I could easily picture nothing but chaos ensuing live.


It is crazy how Down in Terror created such a perfect mix of so many different genres of music and made it their own. They managed to incorporate punk, beatdown, and hardcore elements into this demo perfectly.

A stand out song for me is easily “No Chance,” the third song of the demo.


“They always wanna tell us "you got no chance"

"Your generation is nothing, you got no chance"

Work your ass off man or you got no chance,

Mommy's gone, daddy's dead you got no chance,

The government always tells us "you got no chance"

Live for what you love and you got no chance,”


The one thing I absolutely fucking love about D.I.T other than their unique sound is that they write music about things that matter, and that we experience and see first-hand as we get older. As for the future of Down In Terror, they will definitely have some stateside shows that they’re planning for late 2017/early 2018. As of right now their stateside show for the summer is Pit-Fest hosted by Hit The Pit and Dominic Stone.


Be sure to support Down In Terror and check their facebook for more updates



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