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Backswing: Detroit Heavy

Saturday, May 6, 2017


First thing's first. Press play right fucking now. 

 This is Backswing your new favorite band. 


Detroit, Michigan is the home of one of the angriest bands you'll hear all year. Their vocalist Marissa is hands down my new favorite vocalist. Her tone instantly matches any vocalist in the game right now. Their album SOS  released this passed December is a soundtrack to a shattered venue. Musically kind of matches Code Orange at times. You get those slow mean breakdowns, followed by slow pace 2 steps , add in an equally pissed off vocalist and dark guitar effects behind riffs and you have what they call Backswing. I can see fans from all over the heavy music community coming to this band's show. Lets start this Review off and give proper respect to the intro of the album. Respectively titled "Intro". 

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This is how I want a really angry album to start off. The riff can go in so many directions but then the drums come in and make you hyped for what you're about to hear. 

Still Sick: 
One of my favorite tracks hands down. The Intro to this song is fast and heavy once again the drums make it all come alive. That is until the vocalist begins her destruction consistently killing it every track. The Co-Vocals in this song are fucking SPOT ON. I love both of their parts and over dubbing. If the " You Ain't Shit" Build up into breakdown doesn't make you put your head through a window. Then in-fact YOU AINT SHIT! 

Gut check:
This is song is a straight fucking CALL OUT track. To whom ever pissed them off, GO FUCK YOUR SELF! Holly shit the other vocalist in this band is killing it this track. When he says " YOU  ENTITLED LITTLE PUNK" my hair stood up. This band is no joke. Tough as fuck. I LOVE THIS SHIT! 

Short Breath:
This song is solid all around musically, around 2:00 shit gets really heavy, like really heavy and sludgy. This song for me, is the all about the lyrics. Very real song, very real message I think a lot of people can relate to. 

Lyrically is about being an individual, respected equally, and self respect. These songs are all very personal. Marissa is fucking pissed off! I'd be going insane  to this entire track live, you can not help but to feel the way she does in this track. I may need to take a second before I break my hand on my bedroom door. 

Prolly the heaviest track on the Release. The message is confusing to me. It seems to be targeted at live shows. They want you to have a good time and enjoy the music the way you want to but respect everyone and don't pick a fight. maybe i'm not so confused haha. There is a really mean 2 step towards the end of this song. Once again both vocalist deliver. 

This song is Fast and there is some shredding that sounds amazing, I'm not going to keep telling you how amazing the vocal combo is so here's the lyrics for this song cause it's a fight that needs to be fought. 

"fight fire with fire

Fight hate with hate

Fight ignorance

End bigotry

Racist scum still walk this earth

Senseless hate must be unlearned

We can not allow these beliefs to remain

We must destroy every fucking strain

We won't tolerate intolerance

We won't give bigots and audience

We will tear down the foundations of racism within our nation

The task is ours to attack ignorance to end race wars and crush intolerance

No apathy, it's time to stand and fight against bigotry

Racism will burn and die Ignorant filth will burn at the stake

Weak minded fools will feel our hate

Your racist views have no fucking place

Get the fuck out of here or get a broken face

Close minded and weak

You fear what you don't believe

The truth you fail to see

You are your worst enemy

Fight fire with fire

Fight hate with hate

Fight ignorance

End bigotry"

Pissed off music, talented Vocalists, passionate lyrics. The music is made for a live crowd and that alone is my cup of tea. Give this band a solid chance, even if you don't identify with the lyrics. They are Tough and i hope they are here to stay. 

Overall rating: 9/10 - 4/5
Stand out Track: Still Sick

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