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PUSH- Rock Bottom and Its Basement REVIEW

Friday, May 5, 2017



Jersey has something big brewing. Push is the latest heavy hitter to come out of the New Jersey area following in the footsteps of bands like Lifeless and Dissent. Jersey has a strong library of heavy hardcore bands and Push, while being a brand new band, can already claim a spot towards the top of the list.


One of my favorite things about this band is the vocalist, Dean. His vocal style is easily recognizable and there's something about the way this guy screams that is just filled with rage and anger. Every band Dean has led has ended up being a favorite of mine. His lyrics will have you running the emotional gambit. From hate fueled lyrics that will motivate anybody watching a live performance to punch their friends in the face, to deep and provoking lyrics, usually about his own life experiences and hardships, that will really make you think and even maybe catch some feelings. 


The one thing I love about this band and the sound they have created is that no song ever feels sluggish. The riffs are pushed (HA, get it?) along by driving drums that refuse to let go of the listener. Every song is filled with so much energy and the uptempo feeling of the riffs makes the tempo changes into breakdowns feel that much more intense. 

This music is made to experience live. Everything about this music welcomes and encourages some of the meanest mosh moments. I can't fucking wait to catch these guys at a show. Right from the opening track "Tourniquet" the band sets the mood of the ep. The ep kicks off with a face breaking breakdown and buzz saw guitars that is revisited a few times through the opening track, somehow seeming heavier with each reintroduction. The EP continues to at a breakneck pace with the next track “Spikes” with one of the coolest chugging sections at the end I have heard in a long time. It flows so seamlessly from the song’s riff to the chugging section that it takes you by surprise.


Push shines the most through their fight riffs. There are so many parts in all of the tracks on this ep where the music just makes you bang your head and won’t let you stop until the whole EP is complete. Halfway through this release is my favorite track, “Harass and Collect” which features vocalist Jeremy Lifeless. This song is mosh-worthy from the second the track begins to the last note rung out. This track is an absolute banger and will light up any venue. The final two tracks of the EP follow suit with the rest of the release: plowing through beastly riffs and monstrous breakdowns. I personally really enjoyed the gang chants in the track “My Demons” as well as the explosive end to the song. Speaking of explosive endings, “Suffering” is one of the heaviest tracks to come from NJ in a while. Dean and Tommy Loomis (Garland Greene) sound so fucking good together. Just like the rest of this EP, this song picks up without missing a beat and absolutely powers through the track, hitting you with more heavy shit than you can appreciate in just one listen. The bass guitar lead in to the end of the song gave me goddamn goosebumps.


I am not just saying this because Push is for New Jersey, but this band will blow up in no time. They have enough energy for ten bands and are filled with enough anger and passion to match. This EP will grab a hold of you from the second it starts and will wring your fucking neck out all the way to the last track. I absolutely cant wait until I can catch these guys live and am really hoping for the best for the boys in Push. They have one song released on their bandcamp now so go and check it the fuck out and support the band when the full release drops!

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