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Settle For Nothing: Steel City Beatdown

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


 Do you remember when Heavy Hardcore or "Beatdown" was more than just a bunch of overgrown children with huge plugs, terrible tattoos, and boring chug chug riffs? If you're like me, you pine for the days where Beatdown was repped by bands who didn't just act hard; they talked the talk and their shows were riots waiting to happen. The vocals were in your face and the music was more than just 0-0-0-0-1-0-0 riffs. Thankfully, there's a new band on the block coming from Pittsburgh, PA that's like a blast from Beatdown past.

Settle For Nothing, featuring members of xRepresentx, Enemy Mind, and Domestic War, plays Beatdown in the vein of scene legends like Built Upon Frustration, Hometown Hate, and Domestic War but with a twist. The songs are faster, and dare I say it, hit harder. Their debut EP "The Gift of Time" shows Settle For Nothing is not scared to show off their influences but also willing to break out the mold that so many Heavy Hardcore bands are comfortable in today. Sure this may be the first outing for this young band but this EP has me incredibly excited for their future. Here's to hoping they remind the rest of the world why PA Beatdown was something to not only be envied but feared.

Check them out today on Facebook and make sure you're wearing a helmet when the breakdown starts.



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