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Companion- Unbroken REVIEW

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



You ever start up a full length for the first time and hear the guitar tones and instantly fall in love? And then listen some more and get knocked on your ass? Yup. That just happened to me, except this band didn't just knock me off my feet. They kicked the shit out of me.

The band I am talking about is Companion and there sophomore release through 1054 records titled "Unbroken" and holy fuck is this album a monster. Unbroken starts at a furious pace and refuses to slow down or give the listener a break. This album seriously never loses its momentum and that's no easy task to accomplish.

Companion have a sound that is both familiar and unique at the same time. The band combines the relentless pace and choppy riffs and two step beats in old school traditional hardcore with absolutely skull crushing breakdowns and slower, more pissed off riffs more prevalent in modern hardcoded. And they do it masterfully. The perfect track to use as an example of this, to me, would be "Narrow Minded".

In my opinion, a breakdown is only effective when there is a sudden tempo change from the riff to the breakdown. This seems to have been lost on many band today (looking at you, down tempo bands). It seems like the dudes in Companion share the same sentiment. This band really shines when they go from a quick two step pattern and just drop a breakdown on your head with little buildup or warning. That tempo change really goes a long way in terms of making shit heavy as hell.

The vocals on this cd are filled with energy and are a perfect fit for the band. Every lyric that comes ripping out of the vocalists mouth is just dripping with venom and anger. I could even tell that the songs in Austrian were mean as shit (I don't speak Austrian).

Its safe to say that "Unbroken" by companion is one of my favorite releases of 2017 so far. I am hooked on the sound this band has created. I can really see this band getting a huge fan base and going somewhere. Go give "Unbroken" a listen, support the band and bang your head until your neck snaps. 


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