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Internal Bleeding: Drummer Dies in Freak Accident

Friday, April 21, 2017


Long Island's Legendary Death Metal Band Internal Bleeding Lost a Brother. 14 year Veteran  New York Fire Fighter Aka the extremely talented Drummer for Internal Bleeding. Bill Tolley Died during a "Routine" fire call , being apart of the NYFD this was considered a "Small Blaze" by the reports. Bill's Fatal Injury did not come from the fire but a "freak accident" 3 stories above it where he fell 5 stories. There is a Cell Phone Video of the horrific event but not for us to share.(If you see it don't share it, Imagine personally knowing him. R-E-S-P-E-C-T)

 In such a tragic time we wish his Wife, Daughter , Family, Friends and His Fellow Band Members, to try and remember the good times to get through this. Positive Vibes to all who loved him.
In his Memory Here's Tolley doing one of his passions and one of my personal favorite songs:

 Official Statement from the Mayor and Band Below 

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RIP William Tolley
Father, Husband, Firefighter, Friend, Musician













From what it seems safe to say he was a well liked and respected man. His passion spanned from loving his family, being a amazing friend, being a New York Hero , and super amazing musician. I can not put my self in his friends and family's shoe's but I  can imagine this will be extrememly hard to get throught this. Everyone here at WWU Wishes you the best  </3 





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