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ENTERPRISE EARTH: Embodiment Review

Wednesday, April 5, 2017




Kenzer here again with some more Deathcore dribble for you all!
This time we're talking about a band that has been making their way through the ranks for the last couple of years, a band that has had more members than a Bree Olson gangbang, a band with one of the most recognizable front-man in Deathcore.. Yes, my friends. Enterprise Earth.

Enterprise made their way into the Deathcore scene in 2014 with the EP "23" a solid debut for the Spokane, WA based band, and a warm welcome back to Dan Watson after his departure from Infant Annihilator. 23 set the blueprint for what EE would bring to the table. Crushing vocals slammed on top of some of the gnarliest tech work that the genre has to offer these days.

 Fast forward one year and the band releases "Patient 0" their first full length album. The album was a step down in raw heaviness, but an improvement on flow and structure. As well as featuring talented musicians such as Adam Warren (Oceano) Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator) and Joel Omans (Ex Rings of Saturn) the album gained the band enough attention and support to snag opening spots on Whitechapel's "Decade of the Blade" tour AND Summer Slaughter 2016. Not bad for 2 years work.

Now, finally the meat and potatoes of this article, the REAL reason you're reading this. My short review on the upcoming album "Embodiment"

 Embodiment is set to release April 14th, however if you've been lucky enough to catch Enterprise Earth on their tour with Chelsea Grin, and Ice Nine Kills then you may have scooped a copy early (BJ Sampson himself graciously sent me a digital download just for this occasion.)

 Embodiment is 13 tracks of exactly what Enterprise is really made of. From start to finish you're blasted with the insane vocals of Dan Watson (whom might i add has seriously outdone himself on this album) and the technical yet melodic and graceful leads of BJ. The band's third album stands to prove that they are here to be a part of the movement that brings Deathcore back into its glory days. Parts of this album dont even feel like the same band that released 23 some 3 years ago, the growth is there and audible. Each song flows into the next like a novel of brutality vividly planting scenes of apocalyptic horror in your mind, and even at 13 tracks long once it ends still leaves you wishing for just one more song. Given the two singles released already "Mortem Incarnatum" and "Temptress" its no surprise this album will be a must listen to any fan of Deathcore and may even be a contender for this year's Album of the year.

Father of Abortion - This track brings genuine heaviness back into a genre of cookie cutter breakdowns and chugs.

While the lead guitar work is excellent it gets almost predictable. A good bit of shred here and there is perfect, but if you shred out every track it gets monotonous and repetitve

As always i'll link the band's official Facebook page so you can like it and keep up to date. Pre order "Embodiment" out April 14th, and try to catch Enterprise Earth during their current tour.
I've seen them twice it's well worth it... till next time guys.

Enterprise Earth Facebook
Official Website
Pre-Order Embodiment & Merch.
Stay Sick Recordings

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Writer: Kenzer
Owner/Founder of Dissentient Records

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