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The Truth: Indiana Hardcore

Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Below I'm going to do a checklist to what I think makes a great Hardcore band:


1. Lyrics. Let them be about depression, anger, love, hate, family, friends, or more: the lyrics have to stand out to me and give me something to relate too while also giving me something to scream back at you.

2. Bass lines. Seriously one of my favorite things and I'm so sad more bands don't do them. Nothing get's me more excited than a nice, crunchy bass line.

3. Perfecting your craft. In an era where there's a new Hardcore band every week (which isn't a bad thing to be honest), you have to do something to stand out to me.


Now, if I were to take these 3 items and mix them together the result would be Indiana's The Truth. Ever since I first caught them at a show in Chicago early last year, I have been a fan and I'm super excited to see what the future brings these guys. Check out their last EP below and if you were to listen to just one song today, listen to "Numb" and pay attention to that intro bass line. I bet you'll become a fan just like me.


Check out The Truth on Facebook and order a physical copy of their EP over at FWH Records



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