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Grievance: New Ep (Review)

Thursday, March 23, 2017



New Jersey
Brutal Hardcore


Ryan presti-vocals Michael Yager-guitar/vocals
Charlie Connollan-bass/vocals
Steven Pedini-drums


Reviewing: Grievance Released: 03 21 2017






If you like Beatdown, Slam, Heavy Hardcore, or Down Tempo this band is 1000% worth looking into! Check out their newest release "Grievance" below, Followed by what we had to say about it! 

First up is the Intro track "Closed Casket" and it is Love at first listen. This Intro is HEAVY. Reminds me of Emmure's old Intros. (100% a Compliment) Sick Hardcore style riffage into a monster breakdown then slower and meaner. This will get any live crowd moving, which is a key role in my taste in music. 

Second track is called "Death Tech" I cant fully put to words why i love the intro of this song but its so fucking cool. The vocals are amazing on this EP super angry and pissed off. The end of this song stands out the most to me. A sludgy breakdown with an out of nowhere guttural, backing the vocals that gave me chills. That was why i labeled these guys "Brutal Hardcore" above. So many heavy Influences all at once.

Onto "Calloused" This song has a more Metal/Hardcore overall feel, more up beat and chuggy. I love the " nothing in the sky, shines for you" 2 step. Can't wait to see these dudes live.

Second to last, "Enough". Speaking of seeing them live, This is a Crowd Song. This jam was built for kids to be screaming along front and center. From Start to Finish this shit will have venues moving. The drumming is standing out the most, making this song that much more in your face. Adding a certain flavor that in reutrn makes all these riffs a lot more mean and nasty sounding. 

They have been using these Guitar squeal things in most songs. I have no idea what it is but DONT STOP. It adds a certain spice to the entire album. This song is the meanest of them all. Overall a slow, mean song with a burst in the middle. Super catchy drumbeat towards the last breakdown that i cant get out of my head. Great choice in leaving their fans with this track. It truly sums up the whole Ep. 

 OVERALL: This album speaks to so many fans of different genres. You get the thrashy riffs/2 steps Hardcore fans will enjoy. Mixed with Sludgy breakdowns that Beatdown fans will go crazy for. The breakdowns get slow and mean enough that I think most down-tempo fans would definitely dig it. There's just something about this album that makes its super unique compared to what I have been hearing coming out of Jersey lately. In that same breath, there is a refreshing Throwback feel to a lot of the structure to these songs. plus having an entire album with a bunch of songs under 3 minutes is always a plus in my book.

STANDOUT TRACK: "Enough" Cliche as it be, I CANT GET ENOUGH! this song truly shows off what they are bringing to the table and what's to expect. If I were to Recommend this band, this track will be the one to do the job! 

Their Album is up now via Bandcamp. 4$ to make it yours, which for street cred. alone, Highly worth it. 

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