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Trump Ruins Everything: Singapore Grindcore Wormrot Cancels U.S. Tour Due To Current American Politics

Friday, March 17, 2017


Seems like no-suprise that Singapore's Legendary Grindcore band Worlmrot cancels their U.S. Tour. I say "No-Suprise" because I have heard nothing but horrible things coming out of foreign bands having love for the United States but zero respect for U.S. customs / security / related government groups. Going as far as forcing them to unlock their phones so they can go through their social media accounts, Handcuffing them, Even sending them back! This all comes back to President Trump's political stance against radical Islam/ immigration. Taking higher measures on foreigners coming into the country. We aren't going to get political here, but it goes with out saying it fucking sucks! I don't blame the band at all! It's not worth investing all the time and money into a tour, in a country that might just treat you like shit and turn you away! We hope they get over here one day sooner than later! Here's the official statement:

“Due to the current political climate and numerous bands being turned away at US customs, we felt it was not worth the risk coming to America without the right paperwork, which is expensive. Therefore we truly apologize that we must postpone our US tour until next year when we can focus on a full length tour with all the right papers.

We regret that we came to a decision this late, one month to the start of the tour. Once again, we apologize to everyone who are affected.”

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