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DeadBeat: Paperless Divorce Review

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Brick, New Jersey




Deadbeat are a four-piece heavy hardcore band from good old New Jersey. Deadbeat has that special New Jersey hardcore sound that is unmistakable. It’s a Jersey thing.

Paperless Divorce starts off with “Catch the Spit.” It kicks off the release with a pounding drum line and unrelenting fight riffs throughout the song. There are some awesome trade-offs between vocalists in this song, and throughout the EP. Surprisingly, you can find some more melodic elements in their music (between all the fucking fight riffs).

Following suit with other traditional hardcore bands, the next track, “58”, clocks in at just under a minute. The pace for this song is unrelenting and angry as hell. The song opens up to a sick stomp beat and rolls right into probably my favorite track off this release, “Dallas Slaughter”.

The track starts out with an uptempo two-step (BANDS: more fucking two-steps please!) and doesn’t let up the pace even for a second. The guest vocal spot, filled by Dan Cimino, good friend of the band and former vocalist of The Greatest Virtue, fits the track beautifully and matches the intensity and anger of the band’s own vocalist.


The last song on this EP is called “Lit”, and booooooooooooy is the fucking track lit. This song was made to open up a pit. Once the 1:30 mark hits, for the rest of the song, you are subject to the heaviest moment in this EP. I think my favorite thing about this band is how little they use the all-too-common chugging breakdown, except in “Lit”. Throughout the rest of the EP, you would be hard pressed to find something that resembles the typical breakdown. You WILL find riffs, paired with some very hype drum lines, that will make a crowd mosh harder than any breakdown. I had a lot of fun jamming to this EP. If you are a fan of aggressive hardcore, give this EP a fucking spin. You’ll thank me later.

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