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Rotting Out: Walter Set to be Released From Jail

Saturday, February 18, 2017


The hardcore community has mix feelings about his felony drug trafficking charges, and sentencing. It' all started being pulled over shortly after Rotting Out called it quits. Walter Delgado was charged with massive amount of drugs(weed) , rumor has it there was also steroids involved.He got pulled over, and his life as been fucked since!  

A few months back Walter Delgado was worried that he may get deported, after his 18 months in prison..

But apperently he received some great news. An E-mail went out, and is now circulating the web.. The E-Mail is From Walter himself , Stating: 

"The judge said I'm not getting deported. 

39 weeks to go" 


That would set his date to be around November! I personally know some really close friends of Walter and they said despite these charges. He is a great guy and super funny. 

Love him or hate him,Rotting out was a sick Hardcore band. They had roots in them that seemed forgotten in a lot of the bigger hardcore bands these day. I did love Walters vocals and hope he pursues music once again after all this shit gets behind him. 

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