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Promotion is Passion: Interview w/ Joe Of "I LOVE MOSH"

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



I seriously LOVE, I LOVE MOSH. These dudes are nothing but pure passion and considered BLOOD by WWU. We have cross promoted so many sick bands back and fourth. They are the true meaning of SUPPORT! We Joined the I Love Mosh 'Familia"  a little over a year ago and i couldn't imagine a world of promotion with out them! I wanted to give back to an awesome page/brand in the underground community  by shedding a little spot light on the man behind the scenes!

WWU: Thanks for being here Joe, Really means a lot to us. Please tell our readers about yourself.

Joe: I'm Joe Gallardo, from Sinaloa, Mexico. Straight Edge. Owner at I Love Mosh I Love Mosh It's a worldwide family supporting all scenes and violent dancing, loud and heavy music since 2007... We don´t care about the genres, we do what we like and what we want! We don't like Fascism, Nazism, Racism, Sexism and Homophobia.

WWU: Squash Nazi Scum! haha. What got you into the music scene?

Joe: In my adolescence (1989), I got a Napalm Death's tape (Scum), from that moment my musical perspective changed.


WWU: What began the passion to support and promote music? 

Joe: There is an infinity of bands totally unknown for most of us, waiting for to be known. I go back to the 90s, in Mexico and Latin America was (and still is) difficult to have a recording, there was no promotion, only in fanzines. So I started with "Distorsion" a anarchopunk & grindcore fanzine in 1994, where through the exchange of home tapes, we knew bands from all over Mexico, even reaching to expand to South America and Europe.

WWU: How did I LOVE MOSH begin? 

Joe: In 2005 I lived in Tijuana, my friends from all over Mexico asked me to promote their demos. I went to the local shows, again exchanging music, fanzines, etc. In 2007 I opted to make a blog, it was an easier way to promote bands.


WWU: What are you goals with the page? 

Joe: Promote bands as far as we can, to this time, we've achieved great things, now we work with many bands, bookings, fanzines and labels. Without a doubt, that is our goal, to create union and to work together to support all scene. What's your favorite artist on the rise right now? * Mad At The World from Paris, France.

WWU: Favorite band of all time? 

Joe: Napalm Death & Earth Crisis

WWU: Do you really, love mosh?

Joe: Of course, till death!!! Best show you ever attended and why? * New Titans On The Block (Tour 1991 Mexico City) with Napalm Death, Sepultura, Sacred Reich & Sick Of It All. My first show with heavyweights.


WWU: How dope is the hip hop compilation we are working on together?

Joe: This idea born from my brother Penny Melgarejo (I Love Mosh admin) from Los Payos Locos (Hardcore Rap) & Pacifikings (Oldschool rap). Hip hop is closely linked to the hardcore / metal scene. So it was time to give total support.

WWU: How do you view WWU?

Joe: Working with WWU has been a great help, you've contributed great artists, mutual promotion, it's the beginning of great projects together, we've the same ideals, always with the purpose of supporting local bands, forming a true family with unity, honor and respect. WWU, thank you for the interview.

WWU: Any last words?

Joe: Support your local scene (bands) by going to shows, buying their music & merch!


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