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Reality Grip - Mind Strife EP

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



What a great way to kick off my time writing for Worldwide Underground than to review a band like Reality Grip. The boys in Reality Grip are a fresh hardcore band from Salina, Kansas. With the release of their EP Mind Strife, they plan to establish their place within the hardcore scene. Creating an agressive mix of traditional hardcore and more modern beatdown elements, the band seems to do just that very well.

As a self-proclaimed “mosh pit warrior,” I immensely enjoyed this release. There is not a single second in this EP that is not moshable. With riffs that will force you to nod your head, two steps that will get anyone and everyone moving, and breakdowns that have the potential to tear venues apart, these guys must put on one hell of a live performance. They do a great job at mixing the more traditional hardcore elements like stomp beats and quick, catchy two steps and more modern beatdown elements heard in their breakdowns. I am not really a fan of bands that rely on chugs to be heavy or, in this case, hard. Thankfully, Reality Grip doesn’t rely on chugs. There a few moments in this release where they do the typical telegraphing of when their breakdowns are about to hit. They will just drop it right on their head directly after shredding through a catchy riff. It is great.

The band is really tight. Usually, with a band’s first release, i expect it to be somewhat sloppy. This is not the case with Reality Grip. The band sounds like they are in complete agreement with what they want to sound like. The furious, pounding drums compliment the aggressive-as-all-hell riffs being played. The vocal style, which I can’t help but hear influences from bands like Death Before Dishonor, match the style of the band perfectly. His vocals are beautifully pissed off and are crisp and clear and easier to understand than most, successfully pushing their messages within each song.

BOTTOM LINE: Reality Grip put out an absolute banger as their introduction to the scene. From start to finish, this EP is relentless. The riffs are catchy enough to keep your head bobbing throughout each track and the breakdowns can incite riots. The vocalist adds more to the traditional hardcore feel to the band, lyrically and style-wise. They play the style they aimed for with precision and expertise. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys and they need to come to New Jersey so I can punch people in the head during their set.

STANDOUT TRACK: This is a tough one for me. The EP’s title track is a fast and aggressive track with some heavy as FUCK parts that will make even the most timid attendee at their show mosh their ass off. For me, however, the track that stood out the most is the last song on the EP, “Reaper” (featuring Bret Miller). The song follows the same basic formula as their other songs, but the end gave me chills. There is no better way to end an EP than with your heaviest breakdown. Seriously, go check the song out, the end is absolutely crushing


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