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Queen City Beatdown: Interview with Jordan of Dishornored

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Guys and gals, meet your new favorite band: Dishonored. Seriously, every track I hear from these 4 dudes blows my mind more and more. If you like your Hardcore heavy, and I do mean HEAVY, you will not be let down by this band. Read up on them below and do yourself a favor and stream “Less” at the bottom of the page. You won’t regret it.

WWU: To start things off: who is in Dishonored and what do they play?

Jordan: Dishonored is:

Derek – Vocals

Mitch – Guitar

Anthony – Bass

Jordan – Drums

WWU: Can you give us a brief history on Dishonored? Like where you’re from, how you guys met, things like that!

Jordan: Well, everyone in Dishonored is from Buffalo, NY, and we all met through our other bands and playing shows together in the Buffalo music scene. Derek has been in the band the longest. He was in the band before the name change to Dishonored when the band was called “Through The Hourglass”. I remember going to see them when I first started going to shows and thinking, “Fuck, these guys are heavy. I’d love to play this stuff with them”, which is kind of funny and ironic seeing as I played in a tech/metalcore band at the time. But when the time came and they needed a new drummer, I jumped aboard. Anthony our bassist joined a little later and Mitch is our newest member.

WWU: The best way I can describe Dishonored is Sludge influenced Beatdown. How would you describe it? By the way! I absolutely love the new track “Less”. I’ve been playing it on repeat and its probably the heaviest track I’ve heard in a long time.

Jordan: Thank you for the kind words! Man, people ask me this a lot and I never really know how to answer it [laughs]! I mean clearly we have pretty strong beatdown roots in our music but we try to incorporate a lot of stuff in our music. We have some pretty prominent hardcore influence stuffed in there. Our newer stuff has a bit of a powerviolence vibe. Definitely some sludge in there too [laughs]. I’m a big fan of the way you described it but if I had to put it in my own words I’d say that we’re just pissed off music for pissed off people. Plain and simple.


WWU:Tell me about the new EP that you guys have been hinted towards. What can we expect from it and when/ how will it be released? Better yet, what do you hope people will take away from the new EP?

Jordan: Well this EP is the product of a lot of negative stuff we’ve been going through for the past few months or so. We had 2 members leave us last January and it was a pretty bitter pill to swallow. Derek and I weren’t sure if we really wanted to keep the band going just because it was such a tough time in our personal lives as well. But as time went on we realized that we still wanted to write music together and still keep the band thriving, so we decided to write some songs and put them on an EP so we had something to show for our miserable experiences both musically and personally. If you’ve heard the single we recently dropped, you can expect a a lot more of that. A lot more grit, noise, anger, and pain. If there is one thing I want people to take away from the EP when listening to it it’s that negativity is a necessary evil and it will never go away and people just need to learn to accept that and move on with their lives. Life will always dump a massive pile of shit in your way, and sometimes you just have to take it on the chin.

WWUWhat do you think makes Dishonored stand out?

Jordan: I think our general energy, through our music and our live performance, gives us a certain edge that makes people kind of gravitate towards us. I hope that our sound on this new EP helps us stand out from the crowd here in Buffalo too!


WWU: What all can we expect from Dishonored for the rest of the year?

Jordan: Nothing really too crazy. Possibly another single release before the year is over but that’s not definite. We don’t get to start having fun until early 2016. We’re dropping our EP January 9th at Broadway Joes with Traitors and some other great bands that have yet to be announced.

WWU: Any last words for us?


Jordan: First off thank you for giving me your time to talk about the band. Second, If any of you reading haven’t done it already check out all of our social media. follow us, like us and all that jazz.


And also check out our Bandcamp profile, where you can get all of our music for FREE!

*This Interview took place on our old blog back in 2015* 

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