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BEEF'N: Youth Code + Twitter Vs Laid 2 Rest

Thursday, February 16, 2017



Unless you've been living under a fucking rock. You have probably heard the word "Nazi" being affiliated with the Connecticut hardcore band Laid 2 Rest. I will give my 2 cents on everything. Lets start from the beginning. 

So...Laid 2 Rest known to be a heavy hardcore band, wild shows, tough lyrics and message. Their Full length is called 'Unmatched Dominance" and it RULES! They just released a monster 3 Track that is In your face hardcore, with a beatdown flavor to it. Super aggressive, and heavy as fuck. They have some tour dates in Europe called "European Dominance".



That's where it started... did you catch that? I didn't at first either. "European Dominance".... "white supremacy and stuff".. OK. YES. It doesn't sound good, But to be fair it's a play on words for their album. I couldn't count how many bands I've seen replace a word in their Album for a Country or Regional Tour.
I just think these Twitter/Tumblr people are just over thinking and reacting.

On to the Next argument:

 Dude I hate Nazi Punks as much as the next guy, but that cross meant a lot more before Nazi culture adopted it, like they used a lot of common "uniting" symbolism. There's a Custom Bike Shop in my area , Owned by an American Indian and he uses the "Iron Cross" as his main logo..Think about that one.. Let alone most of these kids making this argument forgot about their 5-7 grade phase:

Tour name & T shirt design aside, Now it's their Lyrics!
On Their 2015 Release, They use 3 words that are killing these people. Legit murdering everything they stand for.

UPDATE: We were threatened with legal actions for using this kid's post. Being nice we took out their last name and put a lot of editing into the default photo. We didn't have to, but we did = )

how you go from suing me to wanting an interview? Anyway....

Back to the article

Let's break this down.. The reason i love this band is because they are tough, in your face Hardcore.
The 3 words these people have an issue with:

"NIGGA" - They keep saying they use "They Heavy R" and not the "soft A" .. Regardless how you feel about the word...Technically they never said it to begin with.. It was a Feature, A guest spot...By a Black dude!
Be offended, In my eye's there is no argument. No case. NEXT!

"Faggot" -
Here's my argument on this word in lyrics:


(You just made me use FUCKING KORN to prove a point...)

Should Laid 2 Rest just misspell it in their lyrics?
Plus i am a huge fan of Hardcore band: Elysia , and I'd be lying if i said i was never up front screaming "Who's The Fucking Faggot Now!?" Love That breakdown... Does that make me a bad person? I have plenty of friends that would be offended by that word if they were called it by some ignorant prick in public or online. The Elysia Song I am referring to is about over coming being bulled and very uniting and supportive "For Those Who Suffer".

Now "Bitch", nope not touching it. There are way to many songs these people listen to or have supported at one time in their lives that had a hook or verse using the word. It's not a gentleman word for sure, but a tough guy hardcore band from Connecticut? I kinda expect it. A lot of anger in those tracks. The word proves a point in the lyrics more than you would think. 

There are Real Nazi Bands out there, spreading true hate, using those exact words in a real hateful fashion.
Picking a band apart for 3 words (that are said countless of times in other genres), a bullshit T shirt Design, and tour name. Advice: JUST DON'T FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM! Go vape outside when the band you don't like is playing.. Stop trying to destroy reputations, and fight against the real bad guys!

For the Record: I wouldn't allow these words to be said in actual conversation or in a true ignorant, Argumentative format.
I hate Racist/Racism, Homophobia  and race related ignorance...But In lyrics, of a song.. It Just doesn't effect me in the same way, And if it did. I'd just listen to what i love and stick with that.

Let's wrap this up with 'THE BEEF":
A code Orange show with Both Laid 2 Rest and Youth Code.
kidding, Youth Code*
An "EDM - industrial" Group , from L.A. (that's why)

I don't Know why they were on the bill with such bands but fuck yea i love mix shows..

Anyhow, Youth Code is very active in fights against hatred and judgment. Liberal stuff.
I am all for passionate people don't let my bad taste fool you. I lost respect for them when they tried to get Laid 2 Rest kicked off the bill for The twitter accusations above. Laid 2 Rest did not want to disappoint their fans playing with a decently known act like Code Orange. So, Youth Code dropped the show. They Posted their reasoning (deleted)  and their fans didn't have it. I agree with their fans! I would be pissed waiting so long for my favorite group to come around and some stupid twitter B.S. stopped me from seeing them. More importantly the band i wanted to see, chose not to play. If they had a point to prove, they should of stand strong on that stage and proved it. "Fans are everything, with out them you are nothing" - Laid 2 Rest.

Here's the latest from L2R after the show:

" The sold out Code Orange/Vein/Laid2Rest show tonight was great. There were little to no problems, just kids smashing the shit out of each other and having a great time. And to clear up so more fake Internet hardcore news and lies: NO ONE in our band "threatened" youth code. If anyone really cares or doubts our word we have the messages that they're referring to. The band talked shit on us and tried to get us kicked off the show. We tried to "smooth" things over with them for both of our sakes. If we got kicked off, or they dropped it would not be good for anyone. Our fans would be pissed and they're fans would be pissed at THEM. As a band your fans are your number one priority. You do it for them and without them you are nothing. Kids are excited to see you and pay money to see you. By dropping a show (multiple shows) for some lame ass reason you're literally saying FUCK YOU to your fans. Laid 2 Rest does everything we do for our fans. You made us, and you give us the opportunity to do what we do. And as our fans and our supporters you KNOW that no matter what color you are, who you love, who you hate, and who you choose to be WE HAVE YOUR BACK no matter what. Using certain words do not define someone's belief. We apologize for nothing. Youth code made a choice to "prove a point", and they chose to say FUCK YOU to all their fans. So we can only hope that theirs fans also make a choice and "prove a point" by not continuing to support a band that doesn't give a shit about them. Thank you to all our fans. Thank you to Everyone who supports us and has OUR backs. We would never let you down.




(Taken from their Facebook: Laid 2 Rest)

This is my personal take on the situation:
It's unfortunate a solid band has to go through so much hate, over honestly nothing special. 
You don't have to buy their album, shirts, or support them at all.

We are fortunate we live in a world where you can say what ever you want, and everyone is allowed to have an opinion. There is no Solid Case to lead anyone to believe Laid 2 Rest is a Nazi/Racist Outfit. 
If you do, that's fine, Don't Let this spoil your day enough to try and spoil others. Fight against the real nazi's, Attack them. I will 100% back you. Untill then, stop crying about non-Nazi bands. 

Check out Both bands, Do your own research form your own opinions:
Laid 2 Rest
Youth Code




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