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WWU Chats With: Jeremy Jones of BACK TO LIFE (INTERVIEW)

It's no secret that BACK TO LIFE is one of my favorite bands in Hardcore right now. With a split (with Defendant) a few EP's under their belt, the Harrisburg, PA outfit just finished up a small run with FORCED UNDER, supporting their brand new 7 track release titled NO CHANCE IN HELL. WWU recently sat down and had a few words with drummer/producer JEREMY JONES. Check it Out!

WWU: Tell us a little bit about your band.

JEREMY: Back To Life is a 4-piece Hardcore/Metalcore band from Harrisburg, PA. Originating in 2016 by guitarist CJ Jarvis and vocalist Kurt Miller. Later in 2016, Jeremy Jones (drums) and Keen Tran (bass) joined. We have released 4 studio EP’s in the years active. Accept Death, Anger Unchecked (Split with Defendant), History of Harm and No Chance in Hell. As the years went in different directions with the music and our last release, No Chance in Hell, is a true test to that. We spent so much time making it something that we all truly love. We have been playing shows in the tri-state area since the beginning and developed a good following for the local scene. We just picked up our friend Mitch Rife to play second guitar for us. So things are looking up for us at the moment!

WWU: Favorite Show moments thus far?

JEREMY: Any crowd involvement at all is always a good time. We love it when people we know run up and scream a line of vocals in Kurt's face or grab the mic for their favorite part in a song. We always enjoy when James Holjes from Inner Turmoil does his part, he always does in Caught Up, then the second he’s done, he throws the mic down and immediately starts fighting everyone. We recently played Long Island, NY and that show was absolutely nuts, so that was a lot of fun

WWU: What are some of the bands main influences?

JEREMY: Incendiary, Benchpress, Backtrack, Rock Bottom, Turnstile, Minority Unit, Bent Life, Misgiver, Betrayal, Boundaries, Left Behind, Desolated, Momentum, Vein and many more!

WWU: Besides B2L you produce/record for other bands?

JEREMY: Yes, I have produced all of Back To Lifes music to date, and I also do production work on the side. I have worked with a handful of tri-state bands such as Forced Under, Inner Turmoil, Pushback, Exciser, Hangdog, Abhorrence, Promise Breaker, K9 and some more. It’s a really great side hustle for me at the moment and not to mention that I absolutely love doing it. You get to meet so many great people in the scene through music and being able to help them create the music they want to release and bring it to the world is awesome. I have a lot under my belt already and I’m always accepting new people, so hit me up!

WWU: What other bands have you worked with?

JEREMY: I guess that goes with the previous question if you’re talking more about production wise. If we're talking about Back To Life in general, we have developed some pretty close bonds to a few bands from the scene. Defendant, who we did a Split EP with. Forced Under, who are some of the best people in the game currently, and we might have a little something something up our sleeves coming up with them. Inner Turmoil, this is CJ’s other band, and not to mention those guys are awesome. They’re always supportive and they’re great musicians/people.

WWU: Is there a particular band you've worked with that you're really Stoked on/excited about?

JEREMY: We think that Forced Under is an absolute force to be reckoned with. No pun intended. These guys work so hard and they pack a real punch when it comes to a live show. Expect big things coming from them.

WWU: What's next for B2L?

JEREMY: Back To Life is working on a few songs that we plan on releasing sometime this spring so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, we have a decent amount of shows booked in the upcoming months in the surrounding areas. Also looking for some bands that might be interested in hitting the road with us for some days coming up.

WWU: Any advice for other bands just coming up?

JEREMY: Always be yourselves. Hardcore is CRAZY community. Just remember to always be true to what you believe in and play/ perform the music that YOU want to hear. Be passionate about the content that you create and don’t worry about molding yourself into what you think everyone else is doing. Always stay on the grind as far as releasing music and playing shows. Getting yourself out there is the best thing you can do. Go to shows, whether you are playing or not. Meet new people and develop the most relationships that you can because when you all work as a team, you can project all of yourselves forward. Just love the scene, and the scene will love you back.

BACK TO LIFE's newest EP NO CHANCE IN HELL is currently streaming on all major streaming platforms as well as their bandcamp. You can catch them live on the dates listed below! Thanks to Jeremy and all the B2L fellas!


Kurt Miller - Vocals CJ Jarvis - Guitar/Vocals Keen Tran - Bass Jeremy Jones - Drums





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