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WOAT: Vegan Power Violence (Germany)

Updated: Jun 29

Here’s some vegan power violence from Germany ! Definitely one of my favorites in this genre at the moment! With hardcore and death metal influences. For fans of P.L.F., early Harms Way, magrudergrind, ground ,xibalba, Trap Them and Godflesh.

Heavily unintelligible vocals shouting about their frustrations of animal agriculture. Abuse/dispose is a really interesting analogy of the way animals are treated in animal farming and slaughterhouses. I feel as if their music is their way of pointing a mirror at how ugly and cruel humanity can be to other species. How the animals are abused, and then disposed of.

The topics being discussed in each song of this EP; Bare Hooks - text is about a fishing method called 'pole line fishing'. Line of poles throwing fish in the air.

Rattentreter - People always try to exterminate rats but they wont be able to. Simple species that always adjusts to change.

Udder - Contaminated and polluted milking machines. Calfs getting separated from their mother. Force Feed - Geese getting force fed in the 'foie gras' industry.

Collapse - Process of the cattle and pig transportation. From the farm to the slaughterhouse. Byproduct - Byproduct of the egg industry. Male chicken getting gassed, shredded and crushed.

I sit down with some ice cold spezi with Marius Stenger, the drummer, who also plays in Spawn of Disgust. Gabi(WWU) : Hey Marius. It’s a pleasure to be able to talk to you today! What are your plans for future for WOAT ?

Marius : Hello. First of all i want to thank you for reaching out and taking the time to write about us. We just released an EP in March and we are currently working on new tunes for either another EP or a split with 1/2 other bands And of course we want to play loads of shows which is obviously, right now, not really possible due to the pandemic

Gabi : Cool ! Where would you love to tour most with WOAT? (You dream locations) Marius : We have never really talked about that inside the band, for me personally there is no favourite place to play, i would love to play anywhere possible as long as people enjoy the show and i get to see new things. Gabi: If you could tour with any band of your choice, musicians dead or alive, who would you tour with? Marius : Last year we got to play a weekender with Teethgrinder which was really enjoyable and will probably not be the last time we hit the road with them, so that's one band we would always be down to tour with. Other than that i would say Weekend Nachos, Ground, Wormrot, Xibalba are the kind of bands we would like to tour with musically, besides that of course it's always good to play tours with people you already know personally and you have a good relationship with. Gabi: Thank you Marius for taking the time to answer my questions! I’m really excited to see what WOAT brings in the future ! Is there anything you’d like to say before we wind things up? Marius : GO VEGAN!

Support WOAT here: https://www.facebook.com/woatmosh/ https://www.instagram.com/woat_mosh/ https://woat.bandcamp.com/ Written by WWU Editor Gabi Ryan. https://www.instagram.com/Gabriella_ryan_/

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