• Cameron Meyers

Why the Fuck Should I Care About It Comes In Waves? 

A plethora of opinions began emerging after the post-holiday release of The Acacia Strain's newest record, It Comes in Waves. While there was a lot of praise being received for this bands latest release, there's always bound to be differing opinions and viewpoints. After all it is art, right? Anyways, the negative things I have been hearing/seeing got me thinking about the opposing side of the argument and prompted the thought: Why the fuck SHOULD the average metalhead care about It Comes in Waves?

If you know anything about modern core and metal bands, then you probably aren't living under a rock and have heard of The Acacia Strain as these dudes have been making it happen for quite a while. When a band has had their fair share of releases and tours under their belt, the sound that they created is an ever-changing spectrum that is always differing depending on anything from a musician's mood to a complete lineup change with new members. While The Acacia Strain has had a pretty solid sound profile created over almost two decades of playing music, they are not strangers to changing up their sound. But, when an artist changes their sound, their fanbase will also change based on the difference in the content being made. This obviously makes the most sense - New music, new fans, right? But bands aren't always permanently changing their sound, it's just a current influence on the band being projected through their new material or even an idea they've had but never acted on. The point that we're coming to at the end of all of this is - What about change stops you from supporting? This has always been a topic that I've been very curious about. It seems everyone has a different point where they draw the l and ne and stop supporting that band due to a sound change It's your favorite band and you don't fuck with their new sound - there's more tunes coming soon regardless. You don't have to buy music you won't listen to and no one would want you to do that, BUT sharing that post or making a post asking opinions on it is a good way to open someone up to new music they may not know about. A new discovery always happens when you least expect it so why not help others discover what might be their favorite album of all time?

TL;DR - It Comes in Waves is good on it's own. I wouldn't put it past TAS if they chose to make more music like this, BUT do I think they'll continue down this road full time? Not really.

They made something really good and they wanted to change it up. But they're good at what they were doing and they will more than likely still continue to follow a traditional sound that might be slightly influenced by what they have created in ICIW. So please for the love of God, stop bitching and be patient, people. Put your differences aside and be more open when sharing music for others to see. Starting an argument about an album won't help anyone, but posting neutrally and asking for opinions is the perfect way to start a conversation and get your point across. If someone gets defensive about it just delete that shit. Spread music, not hate. This goes with any release really. The arrogance of some "Genre Nazis" gets old and some of us just want to find good bands and not bitch on Facebook with some 35 year old from South Dakota named Derek (Sorry, Derek) about how Cattle Decap isn't cool anymore or something along that line.

Anyways, please don't be a dick and just enjoy music. Eat your veggies or whatever.

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