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Volatile Ways: Brutal Beatdown (Australia)

This crept into my inbox and.... OOOF! What a punch to the gut. Brand new 2 track release from a band called Volatile Ways out of Newcastle, Australia. Both songs are mean as fuck. Featuring members of Honest Crooks and The Wandering. Overall Beatdown but with amazing death metal attributes that add an extra level of pissed off-ness. I love the style, and the gnarly vocals by Emily Beekmans. They just dropped this 2 track tape via Best Wishes Records, You can stream it below, but if you dig it... make sure to hit download and throw the band a few bucks! Well deserved. you can also support it here: linktr.ee/bestwishesrecords and Follow the band on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/volatilewaysband/

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