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TwistTheKnife: answer the void - review

In search of a metal band so tasteful, they leave you drooling for more? look no further, we are reviewing the EP answer the void by Idaho's TwistTheKnife. The band mixes so many different metal elements into each song that it's exciting to see where each song is going to take you. Opening track " opaque dream " has a Nu Metal vibe to it, reminding me of older slipknot at times but way heavier, ofcourse. I love the vocal range and hints of Deathcore here and there.

" digital dysmorphia ", is the second track on this 3 song banger. It has a darker vibe than the first which is completely cool with me. I love all the influences these guys bring to the table. From Death Metal to Metalcore and Nu Metal you can get it all in every track. Next up is " abyss of chains " which leaves you begging for another track. You can feel the energy this band put into this EP and how thoughtfully things were places at awesome times to bring you on a dark, groovy, at times hectic adventure. The band is not afraid to experiment and though they hold elements of so many different great bands, they make it stand out to be unique. This EP feels like something i've been missing for over a decade. 

Bottom Line: It's hard to pin point a genre for this band to claim. I can see fans of all sorts of heavy music banging their head to this. They are riffy, groovey with plenty of core elements to attracts all types of people. Standout track: abyss of chains will take the cake for me, im hungry for more! Rating: 9/10

Support this band: https://open.spotify.com/album/0XlsBNtmrBPv3FJ02ePTvC?si=iyQp4Mr_TMKdluUGOuvXHw&fbclid=IwAR0-z-n4AN2ODvO_dXIxRaJo2gVMJ4HXg5BM0TQql-LGHO7TYdKGYah5WV0

bandcamp: https://twisttheknife-id.bandcamp.com/

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/twisttheknife/sets/answer-the-void-ep

instagram & twitter: @twisttheknife_ https://www.instagram.com/twisttheknife_/

https://twitter.com/twisttheknife_ https://www.facebook.com/twisttheknifeid/

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