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The Merciless Concept: "Suffering Humanity" (Members of Suffocation, Dehumanized & Sworn Enemy)

The Merciless Concept is a monstrous hardcore infused slamming death metal band from Long Island. They bring a formula of death metal that will enable you to beat the living shit out of your friends on every track. With Members of Suffocation, Dehumanized & Sworn Enemy you can expect top tier brutality and there's no let down. The band has been around for a while now, but it seems they have evolved and touched up their sound. Leading us to this ass beater, "Suffering Humanity" released earlier today, which has me beyond hyped and hungry for more. If you like Death Metal mixed with hardcore and slam, then you better click that play button already.


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Audio Mixed by - Peter Swiatkowski

Directed By - Eric DiCarlo / SquareUp Studios

Lyrics: In this world there is no gain, now humanity is crying in shame. The god you trusted isn’t here for you now, you have no one to blame. Take the fucking bullet. Time to take the pain. Now you live in agony, being beaten by the daily grind Living paycheck to paycheck, only to just live in this grime. All the time that's been wasted begging to your false gods. Humanity fails, Chaos prevails. We are the tortured souls that walk the streets Killing and stealing to make ends meet What can we do to fucking survive this plague That we all call our lives. Sacrifice, All that lives. When you're alone, in this life, where do you stand. Never did you ask for this. You'll never trust anybody. Never find your path. Wont redeem yourself. You will die alone. You all give in To the life That you fucking hate You have lost your chance. Fear for your life Time to say goodbye. You’ll never face reality. You’ll rot in your own dream world. You’ve made your mistakes again and again. There's nothing left to prove.

In WWU fashion, here's a throwback show of the boys demolishing The Morgan back in 2012

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