• Cameron Meyers

The Losing Hope - Two Quick Beers EP (REVIEW)

Minnesota-based pop punk fivesome The Losing Hope have officially unveiled their third release, titled Two Quick Beers. Getting their start in 2014, this band teeters somewhere between emo, pop punk, and easycore while touching tips with post-hardcore from time to time. This short-but-sweet easycore delight is packed with punk riffs and an emo tinge in the overall outcome. If you get down with things like The Wonder Years, Real Friends, and Knockout Kid then do we have a treat for you!

Starting off our journey is "Returner" and it already has me sucked in from the jump. Although its a slow start before the song gets moving, someone who has been following this project can already hear how much this band has improved since their previous release When You Leave. While new listeners will certainly be able to appreciate the honest, raw emotion that went into this release, people who have been paying attention will notice the absolute maturity in every aspect of The Losing Hope's sound. Anyways, this first track sets a beautiful pace to let the next roll right on through to the next. And just like that, "Afterglow" kicks in with a slightly more aggressive take on the emotional punk tune that it follows. Just when you think it cant get any better, some screamed vocals are thrown into the mix and it really adds a nice touch to what they had without it.

Now, this part is almost like extra credit because it won't be included in the digital release of this EP. However, the physical release will contain a hidden track. Oh yeah, and the physicals are FUCKING PLAYSTATION 2 CASES? (Merch at their Bandcamp, link below). To the average listener, they would definitely not recognize this cover, as it is a cover of "I'm Gonna Fly" which is featured in the show Kiki's Delivery Service (That's right, weebs - We got you covered!) Don't worry, the song is linked in a video in this article so you can check it out there.

Physical designed by Kyle Crowell

The Losing Hope has come a long way since their inception over 6 years ago. Their ever-expanding catalog of musical influences have kept their look on what they do fresh since day one and it seems to be working for them very well. I only see The Losing Hope getting better with time. Please take the time to listen to this new release and support them if you're feeling it.

STANDOUT TRACK - "Afterglow"

RATING - 8.5/10





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