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Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter New Album (opinions)

I had no idea this was even coming, that's how hard I fell off this band. Truth be told "The Cleansing" is the only release that I liked front to back from this band. I was truly interested in checking this out after hearing some surprisingly good hot takes. I Don't have the time to truly sit down and digest this album fully yet, so this will not be a proper review of any sorts. I did check it out and from what I heard, Deathcore seems to be going back into the right direction. Caught a couple of breakdowns that got me pumped to eventually sit down and give the album the chance it now deserves. I reached out to the cool people that follow our facebook page for their opinions, so why not get more perspective on it?

"My favorite record they’ve done. Only liked You cant stop me the song post-mitch, everything else has been a no from me. This album is definitely the heaviest album they’ve put out. I love it. Havent been this excited for SS since pre-black crown." Christopher L. "I like it. Except I want to hate it because of how awful the album was with “Doris” on it. Like I really want to hate them right now but I can’t because this recent album is actually very good." - Ryan M. "I'm not a huge fanboy of this band but this album is fucking great. Like a whole different band compared to the last POS offering from them" - Matt M. "It’s actually good" - Nick B. "Its fucking fire, Best album since NTTB" - Tyler "The Dirty" Dietz " (In Gif Format) Needless to Say... It's Fairly Brutal" - Cedrick S. The Album is Availble everywhere, you can stream it on Youtube here:

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