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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Melbourne Hardcore vets, SOUTHPAW are back with some vengeance in the form of a new EP, Driven Contempt.

Formed in 2012 and with a couple demos, a few EP's and a full length under their belt, Driven Contempt is the bands first new release since 2016's Solitude. I assure you it is well worth the wait. It is definitely a reminder that these fellas are OG's and staples of the Melbourne hardcore scene.

Driven Contempt is a little over 14 minutes of good, solid, honest hardcore with a metal edge, fight riffs and perfectly timed guitar solos. Brent Jone's lyrics are relatable but not clique by any means and a delivery that is a signature to the bands overall sound.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're a fan of hardcore in general then SOUTHPAW's Driven Contempt will not disappoint. You can check it out and download for free (or support the band and scene and donate what you can) everywhere Friday April 17th via 10-54 Records Bandcamp. Also streaming on Spotify, ITunes and all major streaming platforms.


1. Driven Contempt

2. Implosion

3. Mind Demons

4. Bound To Break

5. Saviour

Band Members: Vocals- Brent Jones Guitar- Brendan Cross Guitar- Beau Biagini Bass- Andy Geraads Drums- Mat Rad (Recording)



10-54 Records

10-54 Bandcamp


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